Kenneth Morris and Terry McGruder

Feb 16, 2023

Kenneth Morris and Terry McGruder then and now.

"We met at the street dance in the parking lot of Hart Hall in September 1969. I was a senior and Terry was a freshman. Terry was slated to attend Eastern Kentucky but was recipient of a Board of Regents Scholarship to Murray and chose to attend Murray State. We had numerous encounters during the first semester. As a charter member of Zeta Omicron Chapter of AlphaPhiAlpha, the Alphas often socialized with the Pearls, an interest group of the AlphaKappaAlpha Sorority, of which Terry was a member. Our first “official” date was Friday February 13, 1970. We attended Campus Lights and dinner at Jerry’s Restaurant. Our 2nd date was Valentine’s Day AlphaPhiAlpha Dance at the Triangle Inn Restaurant. We continued dating the rest of the semester. I graduated from Murray in June of 1970 and was commissioned a 2nd lieutenant and began serving a two-year service commitment in the Army, including a tour in Vietnam. Our relationship continued to grow, and we became engaged in September 1971 and married In December 1972, Terry’s senior year at Murray State. We celebrated our 50th year anniversary December 2022. Our family consist of a daughter, AKA Legacy, a son, Alpha Legacy , and 4 grandchildren, 2 boys and 2 girls. A casual introduction at a street dance in 1969 on Murray’s campus has lead to over 50 Years of Love and blessings."

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