Lamont and Stacy Sleets

Jan 28, 2022

Lamont and Stacy Sleets today

Lamont Sleets playing basketball during his time on the men's basketball team and Lamont and Stacy Sleets today.

Back in 1981, on a Thursday evening I decided to attend a Racer Basketball game. I couldn’t help but to notice the cute and very talented point guard. I called him soon after that and we talked on the phone only for about 2 months. Then one rainy night after an away game, I was waiting when the travel bus returned to the campus to introduce myself to him in person. These were some of the best decisions that I’ve ever made. After a 10 year courtship, we tied the knot and now we’ve been together for almost 40 years. We’ve gone through some tough times but have struggled through them and “lived on love” when we didn’t have much of anything else. I love you, Lamont Sleets!

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