M. Wayne and Nancy Sims

Jan 28, 2022

M. Wayne and Nancy Sims Tosh then and now.

M. Wayne and Nancy Sims Tosh on their wedding day and who they are today.

Wayne and I met the spring of my freshman year in the snack bar at Hart Hall. A mutual good friend introduced us, and the rest is history...or fate. I was from Alabama and had already been accepted at a college in my home state; but the summer after high school graduation, I decided to attend Murray State instead. We dated for the next two years. Wayne graduated in the spring of 1971, and I graduated a few months later. We were married June 12, 1971, and we lived in married housing on campus that summer. We moved to Alabama in the fall of 1971, and made my hometown of Athens, Alabama, our home. We both received post graduate degrees. Wayne has a master’s and doctorate from the University of Alabama, and my master’s is from the University of North Alabama. I retired from teaching elementary children after 30 years. Wayne retired from John C. Calhoun Community College as registrar with 32 years in education. We have been blessed with two successful children, and four precious grandchildren. Our lives revolve around family and church activities, and we have made several trips to Disneyworld. 

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