Mark and Lee McClure

Feb 1, 2022

Mark and Lee McClure then and now.

Mark and Lee McClure pictured on their wedding day and on a recent vacation.

Lee and I first met when I visited campus as a prospective student.  She was babysitting at Oakhurst.  To date, Deno and Jo Curris claim credit for our marriage.  I worked in the school relations office my freshman year, giving me ample opportunity to try to catch Lee’s eye.  Although she was still at Murray High, her Dad was my boss, Phil Bryan.…

She finally looked my way during her Summer Orientation dance, and we’ve been together ever since.  Lee and I were Summer O’ counselors, Student Ambassadors, and part of the recruiting and tour guide gang.  We never missed a Racer game, enjoying every last-minute shot Lamont Sleets threw in from Chestnut Street.  To this day we cringe a little driving past EKU! We raced across campus the night I was elected SGA president, and sat by the football stadium, holding hands, and feeling like giants. We were embraced by the community of Professors and Staff, who to this day watch over our lives and wellbeing. You can surely say our blood runs Blue and Gold. 

We were married in December of 1983, right after I got out of Navy OCS.  For the next 11 ½ years we were everywhere across the country. During our Navy time we were blessed with two kids, Drew and Shelby (now a Racer grad and married to another).  Lee championed the home front while I was somewhere off in a Submarine.  We spent 20 lovely years that followed in Paducah, where Lee founded and directed Immanuel Preschool while I worked at the Gaseous Diffusion Plant.  We now reside in Oak Ridge Tn.  I am site director at Centrus Energy, and Lee is becoming a popular artist and painter in the area.  Yet, nothing tops being the Grandparents of Reid and Mae. 

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