Michael and Tiffany Tanger

Feb 2, 2022

Michael and Tiffany Tanger then and now.

Michael and Tiffany Tanger during college and now with the family they have created.

"Well me and my roomie in college, Jenna Duley, got bored. We lived in the White college dorm on MSU’s campus. So we had a box that our mini fridge had come in. We went floor to floor, and Jenna or I would hide in the box and the other one would get someone to come by the box, and we would jump out and scare them. We had several people who thought we drank often—nope, just drunk on life. Mike and his roommate lived on the 4th floor and witnessed one of these encounters. We were about to jump on the elevator after scaring someone, and we saw Mike and his roommate, so we waved "Hello, good looking," and he didn’t wave back. He just stared at us (do you blame him), so we awkwardly got on the elevator. Mike's version is “he couldn’t believe someone so pretty would wave at him, so he honestly didn’t think we were waving at him.” Not long after, we both realized we were setting up our schedules to “accidentally” walk together from the dorm to classes. After a year of not knowing each other but seeing each other often we actually ended up working at the same place! We were both servers at Sirloin Stockade. All of the servers were supposed to go see a movie. No one showed up...except me and Mike, we were set up. But 16 years later here we are. :) All because of two people saying yes to Murray State and the best meet cute ever."

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