Quinton and Courtney Roberts

Jan 27, 2022

The Shoe Tree outside of Pogue Library

Couples who met at Murray State and got married have been placing their shoes around the shoe tree. It is on of Murray State's best traditions.

My husband, Quinton, and I met in August 2015 at fall Resident Advisor training. I was a returning RA at Springer College, where I lived my whole 5 years at MSU, while he was a brand new RA for Franklin College. Since Springer-Franklin colleges are connected in lots of ways, naturally we started training off with dual-staff dinner at Winslow. That was the first time I saw him, wearing a neon yellow Batman shirt that made him stand out from across the room. I knew I needed to meet that cute geeky guy. Naturally, we started to see more of each other after training ended and we began to bond during weekly R.C.C. meetings and community residential college events, and eventually started to visit each other during our front desk shifts. We realized we had so much in common with music, movies, and above all, geeky fandoms. We went on our first date to dinner at the old Los Portales (we actually got seated right beside other SF RA’s who didn’t know we were seeing each other! Surprise!). Then, we went to watch the sun set at the Murray State Arboretum. We spent little time on campus together since I graduated in December of 2015, but fast forward to June 8th 2019 and we were celebrating our wedding day. We currently live in Cape Girardeau, MO and always look forward to a chance to visit campus. We hope to add our own shoes to the tree soon. We will always credit MSU and the residential college system for bringing us together!

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