Scott and Andrea Utley

Jan 25, 2022

Scott and Andrea Utley in college

Scott and Andrea Utley in college.

"My Racer soulmate and I met in Fall of 1999. It was his last year at Murray State and my first year. His younger sister also attended MSU and the two of us became sorority sisters and best friends. For years, Scott and I were just friends and had fun hanging out together. Attending fraternity and sorority events, concerts, weddings, homecomings, hanging out on campus, and visiting with one another when he would come back to visit after graduating." 

Scott and Andrea Utley with their family.

Scott and Andrea Utley with their family.

"In the summer of 2003 we finally started dating. We were engaged six months later and married in November of 2004. We now live just outside of Huntsville, AL with our three future Racers! I work virtually for Murray State’s Upward Program and for the Madison County School System. He was recruited by the National Geospatial Intelligence agency his last semester at Murray State and has been working for them for 20 years now. We come from a long line of Racer Solemates. My in-laws also met and fell in love while attending Murray State, as well as my sister in law and brother in law. We all love going to Murray for ball games and to visit as much as we can."


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