Tammy Guess McIntyre and Lisa Stephenson

Feb 1, 2022

Tammy Guess McIntyre and Lisa Stephenson then and now.

Tammy Guess McIntyre and Lisa Stephenson pictured in college and they are still best friends to this day.

Tammy Guess McIntyre (1986 grad) and I met in Woods Hall. I transferred to MSU from Paducah Community College and Tammy was a freshmen. Tammy came to my dorm room asking to borrow a descent nightgown from a slumber party themed ATO party. She didn't ask me to go with her but did return the nightgown! We have been best friends ever since. She was my maid of honor when I married. I could not have had a better sister. We are part of each others families. We create our own therapy sessions! We laugh about being BFFs longer than we have been married to our husbands who put up with our silliness. We had so many great adventures at MSU. We were both student workers. We both love MSU and the strong foundation it gave us for the future. Some of our favorite memories are of Winslow's Potato Bar Day, Sigma Chi Derby Day, frequent visits South where Tammy became a pretty good pool player, and taking a military science class as an elective.

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