Biodegradable Packaging


As of Fall 2008, the majority of Dining Services carry out containers are 100 percent biodegradable.  Your straw - biodegradable. Your paper cup - biodegradable. Your foam container - biodegradable.  Even your plastic fork.

It's just one small part of Sustainability through Responsibility.  Look for ways you can help reduce waste. Reuse the forks, spoons and knives you gain from Dining take out. Decline the take-out cup and use your own mug instead (up to 22 ounces). Use your own mug at Winslow and take a drink to-go for free, even if you dined in.

The hinged take-out boxes, to-go cups, and to-go flatware are Enviroware™ products formulated to interact with micro-organisms present in standard landfills, composting landfills and the natural environment.  They degrade into carbon dioxide, water and methane without producing any toxic residues harmful to living organisms on land or in water.

For cold food packages, such as the salads in Fast Track, Dining uses NatureWorks containers made from corn. Because NatureWorks is derived from annually renewable resources, its production uses 20-50 percent less fossil resources and emits fewer greenhouse gasses than comparable petroleum-based plastics.