Lee Clark College is a four-story building comprised of 4 person suite-style rooms, 2 person rooms, and private rooms, study lounges, two meeting rooms, one community kitchen, and a pool room. There are approximately 1,300 students assigned to Clark with about 300 actually living within Clark College.

The residential college of Lee Clark was founded in 1996 and was named after the prominent farmer, businessman and statesman Mr. Lee Clark, who was a very active board member for 17 years during the formative years of Murray State University. Since the mid-1990s, students associated with Clark College have initiated some great traditions that continue to this day. The student designed Clark's flag that is based on the Clark family crest dating back some 400 years. The flag consists of a red cross on a gray background, which provides four quadrants. Three of these quadrants bear a symbol that supports the motto of Lee Clark College namely. "Building Community Through Communication." In the bottom right quadrant is a yellow lamp representing knowledge; in the top right quadrant is a cross that symbolizes faith; in the top left quadrant is the Murray State University mascot, the race-horse. The bottom left quadrant was left open as the early designers felt that later students would add their own symbol to the flag.

Lee Clark students have over the years built a remarkable community in which to live and learn. Having fewer students in-hall than most other colleges has enabled Clark to build one of the finest living accommodations on campus. Clark cannot boast that they win all the academic and athletic accolades, but by the same token they rank high in whatever they participate in. Though Clark is listed among the smallest in-hall residents populations, we are certainly a force to be reckoned with. Perhaps one of our finest achievements is that most of our residents are happy to live in our community; a community that fosters positive relationships and offers an exciting and eventful place to learn.

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