Frequently asked questions

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General ticket questions

Q. Are tickets required to attend commencement?

A. Yes, effective Fall 2016 tickets are required for all guests who wish to attend the commencement ceremony.

Q. Does every guest need a ticket?

A. Yes, all guests including small children, infants, and persons needing special accommodations need a ticket for the Commencement ceremony.

Q. As the graduating student, do I have to have a ticket?

A. Graduating candidates do not need a ticket. Tickets are only needed for family and guests.

Q. Are faculty/staff required to have ticket?

A. Faculty and staff who are participating in the ceremony are not required to have tickets. Faculty and staff who are planning on viewing the ceremony only are required to have tickets.

Q. How do faculty/staff request tickets?

A. Faculty/staff who are not participating in the ceremony will need to contact their respective Collegiate Dean to request tickets. Ticket availability is limited. Faculty/staff who are participating in the ceremony are not required to have tickets.

Q. Why are tickets now required?

A. Tickets are required so that the university is able to comply with state fire marshall codes for the venue’s capacity. The capacity regulations are for the safety and wellbeing of all attendees and guests.

Q. How much do tickets cost?

A. Tickets are provided free of charge.

Q. How do I let the university know I need tickets?

A. Students pending a degree for that specific graduation term are eligible to request tickets for that specific ceremony. Eligible students will receive a survey via email (to their Murray State email account) where they will indicate if they are participating in commencement and how many tickets they’d like to request. The survey will only be open for a limited time (specific dates are available on the main commencement page and the university calendar). Requests submitted after the survey closes will be filled based on ticket availability.

Q. Can anyone request tickets?

A. No. Only eligible graduating students may request and claim tickets. It will be the graduating student’s responsibility to claim and distribute tickets to his or her guests.

Q. What is the deadline to request tickets?

A. Specific deadline dates are listed on the main page of the Commencement website. Dates may vary by semester, so please refer to the main commencement page for specific deadline dates.

Number of tickets

Q. How many tickets can each candidate request?

A. Each candidate is guaranteed up to 6 tickets if they complete the commencement participation survey before the posted deadline. This survey allows students to indicate they are participating in commencement and request up to 6 guaranteed tickets. Up to 2 additional tickets may be requested in the survey, but these additional tickets are not guaranteed. Candidates will be notified approximately 2-4 weeks prior to the ceremony if they will receive additional tickets. Travel arrangements should be made based on the guaranteed 6 tickets.

Q. How do you determine who gets extra tickets?

A. All participants who request additional tickets are placed in a lottery. Once all guaranteed tickets have been assigned, the remaining tickets will be distributed based on the results of the lottery.

Q. How does the lottery work?

A. All participants who requested additional tickets will be assigned a randomly generated number. Participants will then be organized in ascending numerical order. Additional ticket requests will be filled starting with the participant assigned number 1 until all tickets are distributed.

Q. How and when will I know the results of the lottery?

A. All candidates who requested additional tickets will be notified by email about approximately 2-4 weeks prior to the ceremony regarding the outcome of the lottery. The email will let them know how many, if any, additional tickets have been assigned to their Ticketmaster accounts.

Requesting tickets

Q. What if I don’t request my tickets before the survey closes?

A. You will need to fill out the late commencement participation and ticket request form (hyperlink to a form that Wendy will create) and submit it to the Office of the Registrar as soon as possible. You will be notified by email after the form is processed regarding how many tickets you have been assigned. Ticket availability may be limited and there is no guarantee that tickets will be available for late submissions. Late submissions are not eligible to be entered into the lottery for additional tickets.

Q. What happens if I change my mind about my selections after I’ve submitted the commencement participation survey?

A. If you change your mind about whether you will participate in the ceremony or not and/or change the number of tickets you’d like to request, please email If the survey is still open, the Office of the Registrar will update your selections accordingly and you will be eligible to request the additional non-guaranteed tickets. If the survey has already closed, you will be required to fill out the late commencement participation and ticket request form (hyperlink again). Ticket requests will be filled based on remaining ticket availability up to the guaranteed ticket allotment only. Additional ticket requests are not accepted after the survey deadline date.

Choosing a ceremony and getting tickets

Q. Can I participate in a different commencement ceremony that guarantees more tickets?

A. Both ceremonies guarantee the same number of tickets; however, you may request to participate in any ceremony that occurs after your degree date if you would like. You will need to complete the commencement participation and ticket request form (hyperlink to a form that Wendy will create) and submit the completed form to the Office of the Registrar as soon as possible.

Q. I am an August graduate. When do August graduates participate in commencement?

A. August graduates are included in the May commencement ceremony of the same year. August graduates may request to walk in a later ceremony; however, August names are only printed in the May commencement program that is handed out at the ceremony. If you would like to participate in a later ceremony, please complete the commencement participation and ticket request form (hyperlink to that same form again) and submit the completed form to the Office of the Registrar as soon as possible.

Claiming/Printing tickets

Q. When will I be able to print my tickets?

A. The TicketMaster portal to print your tickets will open on the Monday before Commencement.

Q. Do I have to have a TicketMaster account?

A. Yes, all students have a TicketMaster account set up when they first enroll in Murray State University.

Q. How do I find my TicketMaster account password?

A. Enter your Murray State email on the TicketMaster portal link provided in your ticket confirmation email. In the popup box, enter your Murray State email address and a temporary password will be emailed to you. This password is only active for 24 hours and will require you to reset the password.

Q. Is my TicketMaster account login the same as my Murray State login?

A. No, your TicketMaster password is not tied to your Murray State login password and will be a unique password.

Q. Can I print as many tickets as I want?

A. You are only allowed to print as many tickets as you have been assigned in your Ticketmaster account. For example, if you received your guaranteed 6 tickets and were awarded 2 additional tickets through the lottery, you would be able to print a total of 8 tickets.

Q. What if I lose my tickets?

A. You may reprint your tickets; however, you will only be allowed admittance for each unique barcode. Duplicate tickets will be denied access at the point of entry. If you need additional assistance reprinting your tickets you can call the box office at 270-809-3000.

Q. How do I distribute the tickets to my family?

A. Tickets can either be saved in a PDF format and emailed to your family or printed and distributed in paper format.

CFSB Center policies for tickets

Q. Do the tickets guarantee specific seating in the CFSB Center?

A. All seating is general admission. Tickets may have a section/row/seat number listed; however, there is no assigned seating. Please note the section/row/seat number located on the ticket WILL NOT correspond with any seat in the arena. Seating is first come first serve.

Q. If I have a ticket, does that mean I’m guaranteed a seat?

A. Seating is first come first serve; however, the number of tickets released matches the number of physical seats in the venue. As the venue nears capacity, your party may be required to separate in order for everyone to locate a seat. Limited standing room sections may be available, but are not guaranteed, for parties who do not wish to split up.

Q. How much do the tickets cost?

A. The tickets are free. Tickets have no face value and should not be purchased from anyone trying to sell them.

Q. If I don’t need all of my tickets, can I sell them?

A. No. Tickets have no face value and are the property of Murray State University. It is illegal to sell tickets above their face value. Since each ticket has the student’s name and account number, the tickets can be traced back to the original owner. Students caught selling tickets will be referred to the Student Conduct Office or campus security and their tickets will be removed from their TicketMaster account.

You are welcome to give your tickets to someone else, turn them into the Office of the Registrar, or at the door on the day of Commencement.

Q. Can I give tickets away if I don’t need them?

A. Absolutely! You may give tickets to whomever you wish as long as you do not sell them. You may also return unwanted tickets to the Office of the Registrar or drop them off at one of the ticket booths on the day of commencement.

Q. Will there be extra tickets available at the door on the day of the ceremony?

A. Ticket availability is subject to change and is not guaranteed on the day of the event. Your unticketed guests do have the option to wait in a standby line to see if any tickets will be released; however, standby tickets will not be released until 30 minutes after the ceremony has started.

Q. What happens if the CFSB Center has reached capacity?

A. All ticketed guests who arrive and have their tickets scanned at the CFSB Center by 30

minutes after the start of the ceremony will be admitted to the venue. Overflow areas will

be available where non ticketed guests may view the commencement event via a live stream.

Q. Can I leave the CFSB Center after my ticket has been scanned and come back in?

A. If you need to leave the CFSB Center at any point, please present your ticket to the ticket

taker located in the lobby to have your ticket scanned on exit. As long as you have that

ticket, you will be allowed entry back in the building.

Q. Can I leave tickets at Will Call for someone to pick up?

A. Will call is not available for this event. If you need assistance emailing your tickets to your

guests please call 270-809-5525.

Q. Will my ticket still be good/valid if I arrive after the ceremony starts?

A. Your ticket will guarantee you entry until 30 after the ceremony has started. Tickets not scanned by 30 minutes after the start will be released to those waiting in the standby line. Please allow ample time for travel and parking as some parking lots may fill up closer to the ceremony start time.