Murray State students, family and friends of graduates are welcome to attend commencement ceremonies as space allows. Effective Fall 2016, admission tickets are required for each guest (including infants and children). Students who are graduating and participating in the ceremony are not required to have tickets. All commencement tickets are free of charge.

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All candidates who apply for graduation will receive an email with a link to the Commencement Participation and Ticket Request Survey. December applicants will receive an email in mid-October and all May and August applicants will receive an email in mid-March (see Key Datesfor specific dates). Students who have NOT applied for graduation will not receive this survey. Graduation applications are available on myGate on the Academics tab for students who may still need to apply for graduation.

This survey will be available for a limited time.  Please see Key Dates for specific survey dates.  Failure to complete this survey by the posted deadline may impact the candidate’s ability to receive tickets for his or her guests to attend commencement. Please see the section “How to Apply Late to Participate in Commencement and Request Tickets” below for instructions for late requests.

Each candidate who completes this survey before it closes is guaranteed up to six (6) guest tickets for the commencement ceremony. Extra tickets, up to two (2), are not guaranteed, but may be requested as well.

Once the deadline for the survey has passed and the number of remaining tickets has been established, the Office of the Registrar will conduct a random selection (lottery) to distribute the extra tickets.  Approximately two weeks after the survey closes, notification will be sent to the candidate’s Murray State email address that indicates the number of tickets issued to that person.  The specific date for this notification will be posted on the Key Dates page.   

Ticket allocation chart:

Ceremony Date Maximum guaranteed ticket request Maximum additional ticket request
May 6* Up to 2 tickets**
December 6* Up to 2 tickets**

*tickets are only guaranteed for participants who register for commencement by the posted deadline date for that ceremony.

**ticket availability will vary and is not guaranteed.

All degree candidates who request additional tickets are placed in a lottery. Once all guaranteed tickets have been assigned, the remaining tickets will be distributed based on the results of the lottery. Candidates who requested additional tickets will be assigned a randomly generated number and then organized in ascending numerical order. Additional ticket requests will be filled in full starting with the candidate assigned number 1 until all tickets are distributed.

Degree candidates who miss the deadline and wish to participate in commencement will be required to complete the Commencement Participation and Ticket Request Form. Due to the limited availability of tickets, candidates are strongly encouraged to submit this completed form in person, by email or by fax to the email/fax number/address listed on the form. Forms submitted by mail will be processed based on the date the form is received in the office, not the postmark date. Murray State cannot guarantee tickets will be available for late submissions. Late submissions are not eligible to request additional tickets.

Degree candidates will use their My Murray State Tickets account to access and print their tickets. For information on how to set up your My Murray State Tickets account, please click here. Instructions for printing tickets is available here.

Instructions for printing tickets will be sent to the candidate’s Murray State email address. This email will be sent the Monday prior to commencement.

Electronic tickets are generated with a unique identifier that is traceable back to the candidate who requested them. Because of this feature, tickets can be printed multiple times; however, only the first set of allocated tickets scanned by the CFSB Center staff will gain entrance. Duplicate tickets with the same bar code will be denied entrance after the first set of tickets has been scanned.

Tickets have no face value and are the property of Murray State University. It is illegal to sell tickets above their face value. Since each ticket has the candidate’s name and account number, the tickets can be traced back to the original owner. Candidates caught selling tickets will be referred to the Vice President for Student Affairs or campus security and their tickets will be removed from their TicketMaster account.

Degree candidates with extra tickets are encouraged to give the extra tickets to other candidates needing tickets, turn them into the Office of the Registrar, or turn them in at the door on the day of Commencement.

Please review our Tickets FAQ page for a comprehensive list of the most commonly asked ticketing questions.  If you still have questions, please contact one of the following offices:

For questions about requesting tickets –

For questions about TicketMaster, printing/transferring tickets –

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