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Pogue Library rear entrancePogue Library is home to special collections and archives that contain valuable information for scholars, historians, and genealogists worldwide. However, many are in formats that cannot be accessed offsite and are also physically deteriorating over time.

We now have available the Digital Commons portal which allows us to share works with others, but hundreds of Pogue Library documents need to be converted to a digital format. This digitization work provides an excellent opportunity for students at Murray State to earn hands-on experience in preservation and history.

Libraries is seeking funding to digitize its many collections -- beginning with the microfilm collections that hold archives of many newspapers from the Jackson Purchase region through the past 100 years – in order to share them with the world. Your gift of $500 - $2500 would support student work and professional restoration services.

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Melanie Brooks
Melanie Brooks
Director of Development
College of Education and Human Services
University Libraries
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