RacerWorks is series of workshops available for free to any Murray State student. The goal for our workshops is to provide students with short sessions (up to 60 minutes) on a specific topic that will help them become a more  successful Racer. Workshops offered will change monthly and students, faculty, and staff have the opportunity to suggest topics. 

You can find a list of our current workshops in the sign-up form below or in the calendar. For Fall 2021, all RacerWorks sessions will be held in Lowry Center (LC) 1A unless otherwise noted.


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How many students can sign up for a session?

One goal for all of our workshops is to be able to individualize the workshop to meet each student's needs. Because of this, we will keep the enrollment size at 15 or fewer unless the workshop is specifically requested for a class or student group.

Where are the workshops located?

All of our workshops will be in LC1A unless otherwise noted.

Can I sign up for more than one workshop?

Absolutely! We strive to present a variety of different workshops each month and we would love to have you sign up for multiples. You can sign up for all of them on one form, or sign up for one, then submit another form with other workshops later. 

What  if I want to attend one of the workshops, but can't make it to any of the scheduled times?

You can reach out to our RacerWorks Coordinator, Ann Matheny, at amatheny@murraystate.edu. She can help you coordinate with the workshop leader to find a time that works for you.

What if I sign up, but need to cancel?

We understand that sometimes things come up. If you need to cancel, please email amatheny@murraystate.edu  as soon as you know you won't be attending and let her know.  Then you can just come back to the form and sign up for a different session.

What if I have a need, but don't see a workshop that covers it?

Let us know! Along with the sign-up form below, we have a form for students to submit workshop ideas on topics we don't currently offer. You can give us the details on what exactly you need help with and we will contact all our workshop leaders to see who may be able to offer the sessions. Once we have it set up, we will contact you so that you can sign up.

Who can I contact if I have problems with or questions about RacerWorks?

You can reach out to our RacerWorks Coordinator, Ann Matheny, at amatheny@murraystate.edu for any questions or concerns.


For Students

To sign up for a workshop, please submit this form and one of our workshop leaders will reach out to you with more information. You must sign up at least 48 hours in advance in order to participate in the workshop.

RacerWorks Session Sign-up Form

If you would like to suggest a workshop topic that we don't currently offer, please submit this form. Our workshop leaders will collaborate to try and bring your topic idea to life and we will contact you when it's time to sign up.

RacerWorks Student Request Form

For Faculty and Staff

We would love to have faculty and staff input for our workshops. Through this form, you can suggest a new topic for a workshop for our leaders, offer to lead a workshop, or request one of our leaders to provide a workshop to your class or student group.

RacerWorks Faculty and Staff Form

For more information, contact Ann Matheny at amatheny@murraystate.edu