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The Women's Center works to promote a campus climate that encourages respect and discourages interpersonal harm. Through education and training, the Center works to reduce sexual and relationship harm by promoting bystander intervention strategies, creating dialogue around respect culture, and encouraging positive interpersonal skills. Through advocacy and resources, we strive to support individuals who have experienced harm so that they can continue to work toward their goals here at Murray State.  On a systemic level, the Women's Center advocates for policies and procedures that create gender equity and support survivors.   Ultimately, our mission is  to encourage each campus member to take personal responsibility for creating an environment that is safe, equitable, and healthy.

Consistent with the mission of the University, the Women’s Center supports and enhances a student-centered learning and living environment. Furthermore, the Center strives to offer challenging and engaging educational experiences and to form partnerships with various community agencies. The Center values service learning, supports student activism, and encourages creative endeavors aimed at awareness and prevention.


  1. To EDUCATE the campus community on issues involving interpersonal harm
  2. To EQUIP the campus community with the skills and resources necessary to promote respect culture
  3. To EMPOWER the campus community to take an active role in reducing harm

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Women's Center
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