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In Case of Inclement Weather...

If you have a test scheduled and there is a POTENTIAL INCLEMENT WEATHER EVENT, please check this website for updates. You may also contact the Testing Center Supervisor, Zebreina Patterson, by email at msu.testingcenter@murraystate.edu or zpatterson@murraystate.edu. You may contact the Supervisor on her cell phone at 270-705-8700, but ONLY for weather-related events, unless otherwise instructed. For all other information, please call the Testing Center office at 270-809-6848 during regular business hours. Weather events are only one example of why it is important to keep your contact information correct and updated with your test vendors (ETS, etc.) and the Testing Center.

If Murray State is officially closed, then the Testing Center is closed. If Murray State is officially open, but the Test Center Supervisor or staff cannot travel safely to Murray State, or if the Supervisor deems conditions potentially too hazardous for the safety of our examinees or staff, then the Testing Center will be closed. Praxis, GRE and TOEFL candidates who are unable to test due to University or Testing Center closure or an inability to safely travel to the Testing Center will be rescheduled by ETS.   ETS will contact examinees to reschedule their exams. If a candidate has not been contacted by ETS personnel within one week of the event,  contact ETS to be rescheduled. Please have your Confirmation Number and 'ticket number' available when you call. The 'ticket number' can be obtained by contacting the Testing Center Supervisor.

Center Location

Since our Center is located in the middle of campus, if you attempt to GPS the Testing Center, it may route you to the wrong place.  You may be able to find  Education Loop, which has two entrances located on 16th Street.  There are parking lots located between these two entrances.  Best practice would be to call the Testing Center a couple of days prior to your testing appointment for specific directions. 

Download and print a pdf campus  map.

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Parking Information

Murray State has implemented a  new parking system.   It is important that you view the new policies and  procedures at  www.murraystate.edu/parking.  If you are  a Murray State student, faculty or staff,  you should have already registered your vehicle and purchased a parking permit.  If you are NOT a Murray State student and are taking an exam with us, please register your vehicle at this website:  https://murraystate.nupark.com/portal.  There will be no more paper permits.

Driving directions

To the CFSB Center

Using GPS? Enter 1401 KY-121, Murray, KY 42071 as your destination

From the east or west via I-24

Take the Purchase Parkway at Exit 25A and proceed south approximately 15 miles. Exit onto Hwy 641 (sign marked "Murray State University - US Hwy 641 SPUR") and drive south to Murray. Turn right onto KY-121 N, the CFSB Center will be on your left.

From the east or west via I-40

Take I-40 to Hwy 641 and proceed north to Murray. Continue on Hwy. 641 (12th Street) approximately two miles to KY-121 N, turn left onto KY-121 N, the CFSB Center will be on your left.

From southeast Missouri via I-57

Take the Charleston/Wyatt exit and proceed east on Hwy 60/62. In Wickliffe, Ky., take Hwy 80, which will take you through Mayfield, Ky., and on to Murray. Turn right onto Hwy 641, turn left onto KY-121 N, the CFSB Center will be on your left.

From the east or west via Hwy 68/80

From I-24, take the exit for Cadiz/Hopkinsville (Exit 65) and proceed west approximately 15 miles. Remain on Route 80 and proceed approximately 15 miles to Murray. Turn left onto Highway 641 and travel to KY-121 N. Turn right onto KY-121 N, the CFSB Center will be on your left.  


Zebreina Patterson
Test Center Supervisor
Oakley Applied Science Building: Room C105
Murray, KY 42071

National Testing Programs

Information, requirements, and content of links on this page are subject to change without notice. Links to test publishers take you out of the Murray State University Web Site. Murray State University assumes no responsibility for the content or accuracy of these sites.

Not all tests are given throughout the year; publisher requirements may restrict administration of some tests to a certain range of dates. Contact our office at 270-809-6848 for more information. You can register for some of the tests online. Check the test publisher's website.

Many of these programs require registration several weeks before the test can be taken. Consult your Advisor for more information on which tests you may need to take.

Some tests, such as Accuplacer, CLEP, DSST/Dantes, and MAT are given in the Testing Center located in the Oakley Applied Science Building. Other tests are given at locations noted on the admission ticket for that test or in other information provided by the test publisher or our office.

For Praxis, GRE and TOEFL, please be sure to read your Admission Ticket. You should arrive 30 minutes before your appointment time to allow time for check-in procedures to be completed.

It is very important that you comply with Murray State's new parking policies, which can be found using the link located on this website. If you are not a Murray State student, you must register your vehicle with the Parking Office through this link:  However, if you are a Murray State student (Main or Regional Campuses), staff, or faculty, you must park in the zoned area for which you should already be registered. 

Tests Given Prior to Admission to the University

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ACT -- American College Test

ACT-R -- Residual Version of the ACT

For information or to schedule an ACT Residual, Contact the Office of Recruitment at 270-809-2896. Results may be used at Murray State University only. The test is given at various times throughout the year. Registration is required prior to testing.

For information on accommodations available on the ACT-R, contact the Murray State University Office of Student Disability Services, Ken Ashlock, Director, at 270-809-5737.

For dates and registration forms, go to ACT-R Registration Form.


Murray State has adopted College Board's Next Generation Accuplacer product as a replacement for ACT, Inc.'s Compass product. Accuplacer, which has reading, writing and mathematics components will be used as both an alternative admissions test, as well as a tool for placement in order to align students' knowledge and skills with course requirements. For general eligibility policy and test information, please consult the Undergraduate Bulletin. 

Accuplacer tests are administered on an appointment basis and will require at least two business days notice and be subject to availability and at the discretion of the Test Center Supervisor. To schedule an appointment, call the Testing Center at 270-809-6848 or send an email to msu.testingcenter@murraystate.edu. Accuplacer exams are $10 each, payable with exact cash, check or money order.  The test fee, in addition to valid, unexpired government-issued identification must be brought to the Test Center on the day of testing.  Veterans or active military personnel with valid identification will receive their first test session at no charge as the Testing Center's "thank you" for their service.

Test scores will be printed immediately upon completion of exams.  A copy of scores will be given to the test taker, a copy will be sent to Admissions and a copy will be kept on file in the Testing Center. You must contact the Murray State Office of Admissions (270-809-3741) for verification of eligibility in order to take an Accuplacer exam in place of the ACT or SAT.

AP -- Advanced Placement Program

Current AP Exam Equivalencies

To be considered for credit, an official score report must be mailed directly to the Registrar's Office from the specific testing service's national headquarters.

Testing credit may not be used to repeat a course taken previously and will be awarded only to students enrolled at Murray State.

Although Murray State accepts each of the AP tests listed, credit will not be awarded for two or more that have significantly similar subject content.


Murray State utilizes two tests for placement and assessment: Accuplacer and the KYOTE (Kentucky Online Testing Program). At this time, Murray State offers both the Math Readiness and College Algebra placement tests, as well as the KYOTE Reading and Writing tests. The KYOTE test is NOT administered by the Murray State Testing Center. To take the KYOTE, please contact Shauna Mullins, Director of the Center for Academic Success, located in the Lowry Center, at 270-809-2667.

CLEP -- College Level Examination Program

Current Listing of CLEP Credit accepted by Murray State University
Murray State University recognizes that many students gain advanced competency in specific subjects prior to enrolling in college courses. Students are encouraged to complete any national tests for credit before enrolling.
CLEP examinations may be taken by anyone and are not limited to Murray State University students. CLEP credit will not be awarded for students who are trying to repeat the course for which credit is sought. If currently enrolled in the class for which credit is sought, the current class must be dropped prior to attending the first class before CLEP credit can be awarded for that class.

Registration and payment of the $87 CLEP fee is online and can be accessed through the following link: CLEP Registration. CLEP examinees must call the Testing Center to schedule their test date. Examinees are asked to print out their Admission Ticket to bring with them on the testing date. It is highly recommended that potential examinees check with their academic advisor or the Registrar's Office to verify that the CLEP exam will be beneficial and valid.

CLEP tests are currently offered on an appointment basis and must be scheduled at least two business days in advance. Scheduling is dependent upon availability and at the discretion of the Testing Center. Call or email the Testing Center to schedule a date and time. The $20 registration fee must be paid on or before the test date. The Testing Center cannot currently accept credit or debit cards or charge the fee to a student's account. The method of payment should be exact cash, personal check, or money order.

To be considered for credit, an official score report must be sent directly to the Registrar's Office from the College Board. This could take approximately two to three weeks. A CLEP examinee must wait three months before re-taking the same exam. If taken at Murray State, unofficial results of the CLEP test are sent within two business days to the Transfer Center located on the first floor of the Curris Center. For information on the acceptance of testing credit, contact Jennifer Husemann, Coordinator, Transfer Credit Evaluator at 270-809-3342; email: jhusemann@murraystate.edu.

Tests Given for Admission to Various Professions and Graduate Schools

The linked sites contain useful information. Content varies but may include online registration information, accommodations of special needs, sample tests, downloadable study materials and registration bulletins, forms and bulletins often used by test takers, and information regarding admissions to graduate and professional schools. Paper bulletins for some of these tests are available at the Testing Center. Often, the websites have request forms for free paper bulletins sent out by the test publisher.

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Praxis Series Examinations

Praxis Series Examinations -- *Core Academic Skills Examination (CASE or 'Core') and Praxis II
Kentucky Information
Registration Information

*Beginning September 1, 2014, the PPST was replaced by the Core Academic Skills for Educators (referred to as 'Core' or 'CASE'). For questions, contact Teacher Education Services located in Alexander Hall, at 270-809-2054.

GRE (Graduate Record Examination)

LSAT (Law School Admissions Test)

MAT (Miller Analogies Test)

MAT (Miller Analogies Test)

This test is offered on request and availability is based on other test schedules. Call the Testing Center at 270-809-6848 for information. The $80 test fee (exact cash, check or money order) is required on or before the test date. The Candidate Bulletin, as well as other important information, can be found at the link below.

Miller Analogies Test (MAT)

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

DSST/Dantes Testing

Contact the Office of the Registrar at 270-809-3754 for information regarding Murray State acceptance/non-acceptance of DSST/Dantes credit. The computer-based test series is offered upon request; availability is subject to other test schedules. For more information, contact the Testing Center at 270-809-6848. The current test fee is $80.00 and must be paid on-line. An administration fee of $20.00 must be paid to the Murray State Testing Center on or before the test date.

DSST/Dantes Information

Distance Learning Testing (Proctored Tests)

Students who are taking on-line courses at other institutions (WKU, KCTCS, etc.) or individuals studying for professional certifications (Realtor licenses, Trade exams, etc.) can take advantage of our Proctored Test services. Save travel time, gasoline cost, and vehicle wear-and-tear by testing locally. The Testing Center can proctor exams, both computer- and paper-based for a fee of $10 per hour (time based on amount of time given, not amount of time used by test taker).  Those who are also Murray State students will receive a $5 discount for tests two hours or longer.  For more information, contact the Testing Center at 270-809-6848.

Testing at Sites Other Than Murray State University

The CLEP and Accuplacer tests are national programs. Each can be taken at convenient locations and the scores sent to Murray State University. If you need to take the Accuplacer exam but cannot take it at the Main Campus of Murray State, you may be able to take a 'Remote' Accuplacer at a location which offers that service.  Call the Testing Center to locate a testing center near you and create a Voucher for remote testing.  The following link to the College Board website will allow you to search for other centers for the CLEP exam. When you purchase a CLEP exam from College Board, be sure to specify Murray State University, Murray, Kentucky, as the score report recipient. We must receive an official copy of scores from the College Board in order to award credit. Candidate-supplied documents will not be accepted.


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Mission Statement

The mission of the Testing Center is for trained and certified test administrators to provide national standardized testing services for members of the university and the surrounding communities.