Criminal Justice Degree

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Criminal Justice

The criminal justice degree program at Murray State prepares you to think critically and ethically about crime and justice. You'll take courses in criminal law, criminology, criminal justice history, criminal procedure, sociology, psychology, and research methods. Getting your criminal justice degree will prepare you to excel in law school or immediately entered join the workforce to begin making a difference in people’s lives. Our professors work diligently to challenge and equip you, along with every student, with the tools necessary for success — both in the classroom and in your professional life to help you in your search for jobs with a criminal justice degree.

College of Education and Human Services

Department of community leadership and human services

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Jobs with a Criminal Justice degree

Faculty of the criminal justice degree program take pride in helping graduates start their careers. The University Placement Office provides excellent assistance in securing jobs.

Earn your bachelors in Criminal Justice

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Clubs and Internships

The criminal justice internship program offers firsthand professional training through observation and exposure while you work with criminal justice practitioners. Internship opportunities include law offices, police organizations and the court system.

The Criminal Justice Society (CJS) provides both practical and academic experiences outside of the classroom. Through CJS, you will meet practitioners in the criminal justice field, go on trips and tours, and participate in fun and informative events, like mock crime-scene investigations. You can also develop your leadership skills.

Professional Organizations

The Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences

The American Society of Criminology

The Southern Criminal Justice Association

The National Criminal Justice Association

The American Academy of Forensic Sciences

The National Organization for Victim Assistance

The American Correctional Association

The American Jail Association

The American Probation and Parole Association

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