Conservation Biology

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Wildlife and Conservation Biology - Conservation Biology Track

Calling all wildlife lovers! Murray State's wildlife and conservation biology program will teach you all about wildlife and ecosystems. More specifically, you’ll gain an understanding of various wildlife populations and learn how to manage those populations and minimize human-animal conflicts. Plus, you’ll get a chance to study and work with animals in their natural habitats. And if you graduate from the program, you’ll meet the certification requirements of the Wildlife Society, an international nonprofit association dedicated to sustainability.

Jesse D. Jones College of Science, Engineering and Technology

Department of biological sciences

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Clubs and Internships

Do you like reptiles and amphibians? We have a club for that. How about fisheries and wildlife? We have a club for that, too. Plus, the TriBeta Biological Honors Society offers opportunities for scientific research to help you expand your knowledge of biology. Plenty of internships are available, and you can take them for credit. Bonus!

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