Minor in Philosophy

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Minor in Philosophy

At its core, philosophy is the study of moral reasoning. But it's also so much more. A degree in philosophy explores ethics, metaphysics and logic. It examines concepts of justice and beauty as well as the nature of reality or the meaning of life and death. It is both theoretical and practical. It is also an excellent stepping stone for your future career goals. Whether you're interested in pursuing law school or seminary as well as careers in medicine, business, computer science or education, you'll graduate with the knowledge and understanding to seek reason and pursue logic in everything you do — an invaluable asset regardless of field. Get started today.

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Department of Philosophy and philosophy

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There are plenty of ways to get involved on campus. One such opportunity is the Philosophy Club, which encourages philosophical discussions between students and professors. Dinners, coffee-shop gatherings, movie nights and get-togethers take place throughout the semester.

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