Minor in Rhetoric

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Minor in Rhetoric

Are you interested in how language works? Do you enjoy breaking down sentences and exploring the mechanics of grammar? If so, a rhetoric minor might be for you. Rhetoric is the study of writing and speaking — of composing strong statements and persuasive arguments. It is grammar and logic. It is also people and the words we use to communicate with one another. You use rhetoric every day, so why not take that understanding to the next level? You'll be glad you did.

College of Humanities and Fine Arts

Department of English and philosophy

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Main campus

Clubs and Internships

Take your English education to the next level with the English Student Organization (ESO) to participate in fiction/poetry readings, writing workshops, book sales, mixers and more. Plus, get involved with "Notations," our own student-run literary magazine that publishes poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction and artwork by Murray State students.

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