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Updated 1/14/22

  • I am a student and I have to quarantine or isolate. What does this mean for missing face-to-face classes?
    Students are expected and responsible for contacting all instructors about course content and assignments missed due to quarantine or isolation. Instructors may make adjustments to due dates or other course requirements to accommodate the severity of the illness and/or the availability of resources needed to complete tasks. Students should remain aware of the course expectations and absentee policy within each course syllabus, and continue to check Canvas regularly throughout the duration of quarantine or isolation period.
    Remember to also email msu.studentcovidpositive@murraystate.edu with your name and M# if you have confirmed documentation that you are COVID-19 positive or email msu.studentcovidquarantine@murraystate.edu if you have a confirmed exposure, through confirmed documentation. Examples of confirmed documentation include doctor's notes, medical test results, etc.
    As a reminder, if you have been fully vaccinated, the CDC states that you do not have to quarantine, but should still get tested 5 days after an exposure.
  • I am a fully vaccinated individual (vaccinated with the initial doses and a booster), but have been exposed to COVID-19, do I still have to quarantine?
    No, the CDC recently updated its guidance to state that, if you are fully vaccinated, you do not have to quarantine after a possible exposure. However, if you are unvaccinated without a booster, you will have to quarantine for 5 days and it is recommended that you test on day 5. Please see the updated CDC guidelines.
  • Where can I find the current CDC levels by state and county?
    Please visit the CDC COVID-19 data tracker, which shows current rate of transmission levels by state/county, as well as the percentage of individuals in that area who are vaccinated.
  • Will I have to wear a face mask on campus?
    Per the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), face masks/coverings are required indoors for all individuals, both vaccinated and unvaccinated.
    Faculty and staff - If you are vaccinated and feel you are safely distanced from others in your office, classroom, lab or work location, you are not required to wear a face mask/covering.
    Face masks/coverings are not required inside personal living spaces in the residence halls.
    Face masks/coverings are not required outdoors for vaccinated individuals and unvaccinated individuals should wear masks when around others.
    In general, face masks/coverings may be worn on campus by anyone, at any time and in any location.
  • Social Distancing?
    At this time, capacities/occupancies will be at normal levels. However, per the CDC - Keeping distance from others is especially important.
  • Is Murray State providing vaccine opportunities to students, faculty and staff in the fall?
    Yes, Murray State is holding vaccine clinics.
  • I am an unvaccinated individual exposed to COVID-19 - how long do I have to quarantine?
    Please follow the steps found on our regarding Quarantine/Isolation for any unvaccinated student, faculty or staff member.
  • How can I schedule an appointment with MSU Health Services?
    Please call 270.809.3809 or email mburkeen@villagemedical.com. Additionally, VillageMD is available for visits off campus at 1000 South 12th St. and by phone at 270.759.9200.
  • Are vaccines mandatory for students, faculty and staff?
    While voluntary, we strongly encourage our campus community to get vaccinated as soon as possible, in consultation with your healthcare provider.
  • Can I ask about someone’s vaccine status?
    Inquiring into the vaccination (health) history presents legal risks to the university and possibly the individual. An individual may feel prompted or compelled to disclose their disability status or otherwise discuss private health information. Because of these risks it is definitely not advisable for any individual to inquire about vaccination status.
  • I have already had COVID-19, should I still get the vaccine?
    Yes, but please reach out to your own personal healthcare provider with any detailed questions/concerns. Also, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website where they detail more information on this topic.
  • I am an international traveler returning to campus. What steps do I need to take before returning to Murray State?
    International travelers returning to Murray State should review the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website prior to travel, for important requirements and guidelines. Individuals can continue to refer to this CDC website for updates.
  • I am a student. How do I receive a COVID-19 test?
    Information about testing, including rapid testing is available at Health Services.
    Individuals with questions are encouraged to contact MSU Health Services at 270.809.3809 or email mburkeen@villagemedical.com.
  • I or someone I know may be the target of a COVID-19 contact tracing scam. Who can I reach out to?
    Individuals can complete a scam complaint online form through the Kentucky Office of the Attorney General.

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