Racer Restart Initiative FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated 1/14/2021

  • I am an international traveler returning to campus. What steps do I need to take before returning to Murray State?
    International travelers returning to Murray State should review the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website prior to travel, for important requirements and guidelines. Individuals can continue to refer to this CDC website for updates.
  • Will I be required to wear a face mask on campus?
    Yes. All members of the Murray State community, including employees (faculty and staff), students and visitors must wear face coverings/masks, unless exempted with documentation by a medical professional. View the full Face Covering/Mask Policy.
  • I'm a student. How do I receive a COVID test?
    Information about testing, including rapid testing is available at Health Services.
    The first priority for testing is given to individuals who are at high-risk of exposure to COVID-19 or are displaying symptoms of COVID-19. Like all health facilities in the community, Murray State Health Services/Primary Care/Village MD first asks for and accepts insurance; however if an individual cannot pay for a COVID-19 test, the University will cover these costs in full. Murray State Health Services/Primary Care/Village MD also does not charge an administrative fee for our students when they are seen.
    We also allow students to be tested wherever they wish. At Murray State, we don’t charge but let the testing company bill their insurance for which there is to be no co-pay, balance billing, or student liability.
    When there is a tele-visit in advance of the testing, it is to obtain key medical information about the student’s health, pre and post planning based upon the results of the COVID-19 testing for treatment and possible quarantine purposes, and the collection of data we are required to report timely.
    Individuals with questions are encouraged to contact MSU Health Services at 270.809.3809 or msu.healthservices@murraystate.edu, or Primary Care Medical Center at 270.759.9200.
  • Where can I report non-compliance of the Racer Safe and Healthy Guidelines to the University?
    Please send any non-compliance to: msu.racersafeandhealthy@murraystate.edu.
  • Will flu shots be available for faculty, staff and students?
    Yes. Health Services on campus currently has flu shots available for students, faculty and staff. Health Services is located on the 1st floor of Wells Hall facing the Quad. For questions call 270-809-3809
  • I live on campus. Can I have visitors?
    Visitation to residence halls will be allowed in phases. For more information, refer to the Visitation Policy.
  • Will there be a normal spring semester?
    Murray State is working toward a traditional spring semester while making necessary adjustments for a new normal. A Racer Restart Committee and subcommittees comprised of various areas across campus were established in 2020, covering the following areas:
    • Academic Affairs and Faculty Support
    • Student Affairs, Enrollment Management and Campus Life
    • Administrative Operations and Support Staff
    • Housing, Dining and Auxiliary Operations
    • Facilities Management
    • Athletics
    • Development, Alumni and Branding, Marketing and Communication
    As these committees continue to meet, the primary guiding principle will be the health, safety and well-being of students, faculty, staff and the broader community.
  • Are campus visits and tours for prospective students and family members currently available?
    While we continue to host virtual campus visits, we are also hosting modified on-campus visits as well. These include a limited number of visitors per time slot, limited entry into buildings, with visitors following our Racer Restart Initiative and Safe and Healthy Guidelines. Schedule a virtual campus visit or on-campus visit.
  • Are campus buildings open?
    As of January 4, 2021, all campus buildings are open as normal unless noted otherwise.
  • How can I contact Murray State University Health Services?
    Murray State University Health Services is located on the first floor of Wells Hall, facing the quad. Operating hours are Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. via virtual visit or at the main office (Primary Care Medical Center, 1000 South 12th Street, Murray, KY 42071) or from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. on campus.
    NOTE: MSU Health Services/Primary Care will be closed on campus from 11/21/20 – 1/18/21. However, telemedicine options and the main office location on South 12th Street will still be available to faculty, staff and students.
    Individuals can reach a physician at 270.809.3809. Individuals can also call after hours to reach a physician. After hours, call Primary Care Medical Center at 270.759.9200 and ask for Dr. Robert Hughes, our Chief Medical Officer.
    Members of the campus community may also contact Primary Care Medical Center of Murray at 270.759.9200. COVID testing is completed each day 4 p.m. If a student, faculty or staff member needs to be tested for COVID, please call: 270.809.3809 to schedule a virtual visit today.
  • Aside from on-campus health resources offered through Murray State University Health Services, are there other virtual-based options?
    Yes – Murray State University Health Services, through their partnership with Primary Care Medical Center, offers virtual visits through the below steps:
    • Contact Primary Care Medical Center at 270.759.9200 to schedule your virtual visit.
    • Make sure you have updated your insurance, mobile phone number and e-mail address with Primary Care Medical Center. If you are a new patient, you will be asked a series of questions to set up your profile prior to your telemedicine visit.
    • Once you have scheduled your virtual visit, you will receive a text message or e-mail from your provider instructing you to click a link and register.
    • You will be redirected to Doxy.me to register. Doxy.me supports Safari or Google Chrome.
    • Make sure your camera and microphone turned on “allow” in your privacy settings if you are using a mobile device. On a desktop, go to Settings—Safari—Camera (allow)-----Microphone (allow).
    • Once on Doxy.me, enter your name and ‘check in’.
    • You will be directed to your provider’s virtual waiting room.
    • You will be alerted once connected with your provider for your virtual visit.
  • I or someone I know may be the target of a COVID-19 contact tracing scam. Who can I reach out to?
    Individuals can complete a scam complaint online form through the Kentucky Office of the Attorney General.
  • What is the University’s policy for students, faculty and staff who are symptomatic?
    Symptomatic students awaiting test results for COVID-19 will be required to quarantine and self-isolate in their personal home/residence hall or in another designated area until test results are determined. Symptomatic faculty and staff awaiting test results for COVID-19 will be sent home immediately until test results are determined.
    Learn more about University Health Procedures: Testing, Quarantine Policy and Contact Tracing.
  • Is the Curris Center open? Are rooms available?
    Yes, the Curris Center is open and rooms/meeting spaces are available. Refer to the Curris Center Racer Restart Plan for more information.
  • Does the campus have protocols for managing, and if needed, dispersing campus-sponsored gatherings?
    Yes, review the Student Organization Guidelines for Hosting Events on Campus for more information.
  • Does the campus have a campus education plan in place that addresses the risks of non-college participants?
    Yes. Refer to the Racer Restart Plan on Prevention.
  • Will PPE be provided to the public if they attend events?
    No. Events may not be open to the public. If it is allowed, attendees must provide their own PPE. Failure to comply could lead to removal from event premises.
  • Does the campus have plans to limit event capacity?
    Yes, refer to the Racer Restart Plan on Travel and Events.
  • Will the university provide additional campus space or technology to campus organizations to allow them to operate?
    Yes, review the Student Organization Guidelines for Hosting Events on Campus for more information.
  • Will cleaning be handled by the university or is the organization responsible for cleaning/sanitizing after use of an area?
    Review the Racer Restart Plan on Facilities for more information.
  • I'm a faculty or staff member. How can I order PPE for my office area?
    All purchases of PPE and COVID-related supplies should funnel through Procurement Services. Supplies have been purchased in bulk to achieve cost savings and individual department purchases should not occur. If your department needs additional supplies, please work with your department manager to fill out a form to enter your request.

    If you have requirements for specialized items not available on the form, please contact Beth Ward at lward10@murraystate.edu to make your request.