University Galleries

Mission/Purpose: The mission of the Murray State University Galleries, in all of its activities, is to serve the students and scholars of the Murray State University community by originating and hosting diverse, dynamic exhibitions. Murray State University Art Galleries seeks to be a tool in the advancement of cultural knowledge; a laboratory for creative experimentation and expression; and a forum in which students and scholars may engage in creative and intellectual discourse with regional, national, and international artists. 

Gallery events/exhibitions are free and open to the public.

Gallery Hours are Monday-Friday 8am-5pm throughout the semester. 

The University Galleries are closed between exhibitions, university breaks, and university closings. 
Summer and Winter viewing hours will vary. 

For further information about the exhibitions on view please contact the University Galleries:
 msu.eaglegallery@murraystate. edu artgallery

T. Michael Martin, Assistant Professor and Director of University Galleries

Gallery Specifications (PDF format)

Clara M. Eagle Main Gallery (6th floor)

clara m eagle gallery

clara m eagle gallery

 Clara M. Eagle Upper Gallery (7th floor)



Mary Ed Mecoy Hall Gallery

mary mecoy hall



Curris Gallery