Election Results

Faculty Senate Election Results

The faculty senate consists of one member from each department plus six at-large senators elected by all faculty with two-year terms.

Spring 2024 Election Results

At-Large representatives

  1. Aaron Irvin

  2. No Nominations received

At-Large Instructor representative

  1. Megan Smetana

University Committee Positions

Academic Council (Three-year terms)

  • COEHS – Katy Hancock

  • CHFA – Christine Lindner

  • JCSET – Abdulrahman Yarali

  • HSOA – Kevin Trenton Wells

Standing Committee Elections (Three-year terms)

Academic Appeals Board

  • AJBCOB – No Nominations

    JCSET – Caleb Morris

    HSOA – No Nominations

Faculty & Staff Insurance & Benefits Committee

  • COEHS – Chanel Schwenck

    SONHP – No Nominations

Promotion & Leave Committee (Rank of Full Professor)

  • COEHS – Randy Wilson

    LIB – Candance Vance

University Judicial Board

  • At-Large – Abdulrahman Yarali



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