Charles Houston

Charles Houston


The BFSA was established circa 1988 when seven African American employees had a desire to network and discuss issues concerning personal development and employment satisfaction, especially in areas vital to the black community. After a hiatus, Charles Houston (pictured left) provided new life and direction for the organization. Therefore, 2006 was a year of celebration for the organization's return with 31 members strong (12 faculty members and 19 staff members) and an official name: Black Faculty and Staff Association.

Over 30 years since its inception, the BFSA continues to serve as a trusted resource for all Murray State faculty and staff members by providing professional development opportunities and a forum for meaningful exchanges that identify and address issues. We also historically partner with the Office of Multicultural Initiatives, Student Leadership and Inclusive Excellence and the surrounding communities to assist with on and off campus outreach through book scholarships, tutoring, read-ins and other campus efforts.


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