Black Faculty and Staff Association

Our Mission

The Black Faculty and Staff Association (BFSA) is dedicated to supporting the academic and professional development of faculty, staff and students through cultural awareness, campus governance, programs, services and mentoring while enriching the campus and surrounding communities.

Members of the BFSA pose in front of Oakhurst with Dr. and Karen Jackson

In short the BFSAs Mission can be summarized in 5 parts in that BFSA exists to:

  1. assist in University efforts to connect within the recruiting process of potential black employees (faculty and staff) where possible;

  2. assist in University efforts to connect to the student recruitment and retention process where possible;

  3. advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion for black employees at Murray State University;

  4. articulate feedback to University administration about the black employee experience at Murray State University;

  5. host/co-host and/or provide support (financial and/or presence) at events that benefit the professionalism, growth, and engagement of black employees at Murray State University.

Our Vision

The Black Faculty and Staff Association aspires to create a campus climate that is inviting, nurturing and hospitable.

Members of the BFSA pose with Dr. Jackson in Wells Hall

What We Do 

The organization was established circa 1988 by seven African American employees as a desired outcome to network and discuss issues. 30+ years later, the BFSA continues to serve as a trusted resource for Murray State faculty and staff members by providing a forum for meaningful exchanges. We also historically partner with the Office of Multicultural Initiatives, Student Leadership and Inclusive Excellence (OMI) community to assist with outreach to our communities on and off campus. We hope that you will join us for many exciting events this academic year. You do not need to be a member of the BFSA to participate in BFSA or OMA activities/events.


View the BFSA newsletter, Inside BFSA.


We hope that you will consider becoming a member of the BFSA. Annual membership is only $25.00. Members may also elect to submit additional dollars to support the student book scholarship. Membership benefits range from networking, recognition for your achievements, professional development and early notifications about programs and events. The funding from membership dollars helps BFSA host events, offer book scholarships and advance the organization. With us, you are seen, heard and supported. We hope that you will participate and help us to enhance a culture of "oneness for all."

Download BFSA Membership Application (PDF)

Download BFSA Affiliate Supporter Application (PDF) (for those who wish to provide support and remain non-voting members) 


Blue & Gold Spectrums: A Welcome Committee

The Blue & Gold Spectrums Welcome Committee focuses on reaching out to newly hired employees to help them transition to  University and surrounding community. We facilitate networking with colleagues and connect new hires with university and community resources. Additionally, the Blue & Gold Spectrums Committee would maintain the Welcome Guide for Underrepresented faculty and staff candidates. We also, upon request, meet with candidates for faculty and staff positions during the interview process and provide information about the University experience and life in Western Kentucky. Dr. Bellarmine Ezumah, Co-Chair; Phone: 270.809.3171 and Email: and  Dr. Esther Malm, Co-Chair; Phone: 270.809.6360 and Email:

Black & Connected Committee (Professional Development) 

Beginning in Spring 2021, BFSA began the Black & Connected effort as a dual tasked initiative to benefit new hires and existing employees. Black & Connected's initial effort serves as an onboarding tool for new Black professionals to have opportunity to connect with seasoned Black colleagues on campus that have a historical knowledge of campus, city of Murray and county of Calloway as well as the area of Western Kentucky, share a wide array of experiences reflected through employment longevity (5+ years] at the University. Black & Connected also serves as a retention tool for existing employees by providing ongoing professional and personal development opportunities: money management, financial health,  personal health, time management, conflict management,  leadership growth and skills development,  and more. These opportunities are presented as educational sessions that members register for and participate via ZOOM (and other modalities in a post-COVID environment). Black & Connected’s goal is to provide information, initiate possibilities for mentoring relationships, support, guidance, a sense of belonging, and impact retention of Black employees through an informal conversation concept coupled with mini-sessions along the way.

Membership & Book Scholarship Development Committee

Membership & Book Scholarship Development Committee is for marketing the BFSA to black employees of the University, inviting them to become active members, raising money for the Book Scholarship distributed annually to the Douglass Reunion Scholarship recipient and attending the annual Douglass Reunion to award the scholarship. This Committee shall also be responsible for inviting former employees and affiliates of the BFSA to become non-voting members of the BFSA. Further this committee may also be chiefly responsible for accepting general donations to further the BFSA.

Events, Social and Recognition Committee 

Events/Social Networking Committee led by the Events, Social and Recognition Chair coordinates efforts to plan and organize special events designed to cultivate social networks as well as provide recognition (birthdays, work anniversaries, accomplishments, honors, awards, etc.). This committee hosts a variety of events which include but are not limited to: Welcome Back (August), Photo Shoot (September), Homecoming Connection with Alumni (October), Holiday Party (December), Black History Month (February) , The Year in Review (May), Juneteenth Celebration (June) and Douglass Reunion Outreach (July/August). Kim Newbern, Chair; Phone: 270.809.6953 and Email:

Recognition and Outreach: We are excited to help celebrate your accomplishments and milestones. Help us to do so by completing this quick tool to denote your reason for celebration! 


Black Student Council Liaison

This individual connects with Black Student Council and supplies regular reports to Black Faculty and Staff. 

Student Recruitment Liaison

This individual connects with Student Recruitment (specifically with underrepresented students) or is a Recruitment specialist in the Office of Recruitment specifically connecting with underrepresented students and supplies regular reports to Black Faculty and Staff. 

Faculty Senate Liaison 

This individual connects with Faculty Senate or is a member/officer of Faculty Senate and supplies regular reports to Black Faculty and Staff. 

Staff Congress Liaison

This individual connects with Staff Congress or is a member/officer of Staff Congress and supplies regular reports to Black Faculty and Staff. 

Athletics Liaison 

Liaison to Athletics connects with Athletics or is an underrepresented minority member of Athletics and supplies regular reports to Black Faculty and Staff.

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