Radiation Training Module 6

Radiation Badge Monitoring Program

This module provides information about the following topics:

  • Purpose of Radiation Monitoring

  • When Radiation Monitoring Badges Are Required  

Purpose of Radiation Monitoring

At Murray State University, radiation monitor badges are provided to monitor occupational radiation exposure for those workers who use radiation sources under certain conditions. Murray State University monitor badges should not be used to measure occupational doses received at any other institution or to measure doses from non-occupational sources such as medical x-rays.

When Radiation Monitoring Badges Are Required

The monitoring device is to be worn in a manner such that the dose it receives can be expected to approximate the maximum radiation dose to the head and/or trunk of the wearer. When the monitoring device is not being worn, it will be stored in an area adequately shielded from radioactive sources. Personnel who directly handle millicurie amounts of radioactive material shall also be provided with finger film or TLD badges. Other personnel will be assigned appropriate personnel monitoring devices as deemed appropriate by the RSO.

This is the end of the Radiation Basics Module 6, which is the last of the six Open Source Radiation Basics modules.

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