Whistleblower (Report Concerns)

Exemplary ethical conduct is essential if Murray State University is to fulfill its responsibilities as a public institution of higher education. University employees, including student workers, and volunteers are expected to abide by the law and University policies including the Statement of Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct.

The Murray State University Whistleblower Program protects employees who in good faith make disclosures of violations of law or any facts or information relative to actual or suspected mismanagement, waste, fraud, abuse of authority or danger to public health and safety.

Concerns related to violations of law or suspected mismanagement, waste, fraud, abuse of authority or danger to public health or safety can be shared with your supervisor or any of the following:

  1. Criminal Behavior – Murray State Police Department at 270.809.2222 or police@murraystate.edu
  2. University Matters – General Counsel at 270.809.3399 or legal@murraystate.edu
  3. Employee Matters – Human Resources at 270.809.2146 or hr@murraystate.edu
  4. Financial Matters or if there has been an insufficient response from any of the above offices – Internal Audit at 270.809.3005 or auditor@murraystate.edu

Anonymous Reporting

The Office of Internal Audit has overall responsibility to ensure that complaints alleging violation of law or suspect mismanagement, waste, fraud, abuse of authority, or danger to public health or safety are properly handled. This office is also responsible for concerns reported anonymously.

Concerns can be reported anonymously through one of the following processes:

  • By completing and electronically submitting the Report Concerns Form
  • By completing and printing the Report Concerns Form (PDF) and mailing it to the Office of Internal Audit at 105 Wells Hall, Murray, KY 42071
  • By leaving a message on the University’s dedicated complaint hotline at 270.809.5599

The printed and online forms may be submitted anonymously, although you have the option of providing your name and contact information. Any anonymous disclosure may limit the ability to investigate the allegations of wrongful conduct if, for instance, additional information or facts are needed. If you supply your name but request confidentiality, the request will be respected to the extent that doing so does not impede the investigation or unless disclosure is required by law. Murray State University cannot guarantee confidentiality.

The Whistleblower Program is not intended to apply to situations for which a procedure already exists such as addressing complaints related to a performance evaluation.

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