Experimental Course Information

On occasion, departments wish to offer a new course on an experimental basis before making the determination that the course should be a permanent one. In that case, please use the following procedure for an EXPERIMENTAL COURSE.

  1. Submit course proposal through Kuali—being sure to indicate that the course is experimental. 

  2. Attach a course syllabus.

  3. Department chair and dean must approve the proposal. 

  4. If the Provost approves the course, the experimental course proposal will be forwarded to the Academic Council for inclusion on the agenda as an information item. 

  5. If the Provost does not approve the proposal, you will be informed immediately.


  • Experimental courses are allowed to be offered two times within one year of the semester of approval.

  • After the experimental course window has ended, the course must then be submitted to the Academic Council as a regular course and approved by the appropriate standing committee and the Academic Council as a whole.

  • Periodically, all experimental courses will be deleted from the Murray State course inventory and cannot be reactivated as experimental.

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