Richard M. and Jane H. Hutson Endowment for Excellence in Archeology

Established: May 6, 2003


The purpose of this endowment is to support the Archaeology Program at Murray State University by using the interest earnings from this fund to manage and protect the Richard M. Hutson, M.D. Archaeological Collection and to support the Archaeological Program, including but not limited to expenses associated with laboratory, student research, training and curation. Awards from this fund shall be determined by the Director of the Archaeological Program in conjunction with the Chair of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

A program plan is presently being developed to enhance the recruitment, retention, and graduate placement of archaeology students using these resources (as funds become available). This plan should help matriculate bright Kentucky undergraduates interested in careers in archaeology and hopefully retain this intellectual capital to help “grow” Kentucky into the future. 

This position was vacant during 2008-09. The endowed threshold has not been attained. The endowed chair will be filled when earnings from the endowment reach a level sufficient to attract an appropriate candidate.

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