Benefits to the university

Bucks for Brains establishes a link between the university and the public school sector.

  • Planning and development of programs which will afford teacher education candidates experiences in programs demonstrating current best practices at both the university and the public school levels.
  • Facilitate university faculty and public school teachers and administrators to explore collaborative partnerships and relationships to enhance teacher-training quality.

Bucks for Brains bridges the gap between students and the business world.

  • Funding for scholarships and other expenses such as the bank simulation game, financial data bases, etc., for students majoring in banking and finance.
  • New courses to support financial planning. Financial “track” developed for Murray State University students.Successful completion of the track makes students eligible to sit for the Certified Financial Planner exam.
  • Faculty externships for short-term attachments to companies in an effort at bridging the gap between what they teach and corporate realities by graduating students with the requisite diagnostic, communications, technology and cross-cultural skills that are relevant to success in the business world.
  • Increasing the number of internships and co-op opportunities for Murray State students to develop stronger relationships between Murray State and financial institutions.
  • Exciting, innovative programs help in the recruitment and retention of both graduate and undergraduate students, who aspire to identify with reputable business programs that lead to stronger, more qualified and diverse graduates.

Bucks for Brains gives students first hand learning experiences with recognized faculty.

  • Providing an emerging, published and nationally respected author, poet or playwright who has teaching experience.
  • Support graduate student research and development for our new low-residency MFA in Creative Writing program.
  • Publishing in reputable journals and speaking at influential national and international gatherings as well as obtaining membership on the editorial boards of leading national and international journals.

Bucks for Brains gives added support of pre-medicine and graduate science programs.

  • Instruction, advising, curriculum development, research and securing external funding for equipment purchases, faculty release time, conference travel, student recruitment, support of student research and the establishment of seminars and events beneficial to pre-medicine students and faculty.
  • Enable greater recruitment, retention and graduate placement of pre-med students.
  • Enhance the recruitment, retention, and graduate placement of archaeology students.

Benefits to the region

Bucks for Brains is helping Kentucky’s businesses and schools.

  • Develop sustained, cooperative relationships with financial services companies.
  • Closer working relationship with existing area businesses and entrepreneurs leading to enhanced opportunities for job creation, revenue growth, and an improved standard of living for West Kentuckians.
  • Speakers on current financial topics, training for financial professionals and/or sponsoring financial educational classes in conjunction with the Kentucky Bankers Association.
  • Outreach to banking professionals by providing employee and management training, as well as other educational opportunities, for bankers located within the University’s service area.
  • Participating in the planning and development of programs which will afford teacher education candidates experiences in programs demonstrating current best practices at both the university and the public school levels.

Benefits to the state

Bucks for Brains improves the quality of life for Kentucky citizens.

  • A well-educated work force of employees who can make connections between disciplines and cultures, solve problems creatively, clearly articulate their ideas, and have a broad literacy and understanding of the past.
  • The improvement of the “quality of life” within a region or town assisting in growth and economic development.
  • To enhance collaboration with the public schools in elementary, middle and/or high school education.
  • Build infrastructure to sustain safe growth and development within the Commonwealth (and surrounding region) while protecting the rich cultural heritage unique to this portion of the United States.
  • A cadre of highly qualified public school teachers and administrators trained in current best practices of the profession.
  • Internships and permanent employment encouraging students to relocate, after college, back to these rural areas thus providing businesses with young, well-educated employees with a desire to stay in the area.
  • Build human capital and infrastructure to grow the biomedical field for the benefit of the citizens of the Commonwealth and surrounding region.

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