University Distinguished Mentor Award (UDMA)

The Office of the Provost, in conjunction with the Office of The Office of Scholarly and Creative Activity, is pleased to present the Distinguished Mentor Award in recognition of extraordinary efforts of Murray State faculty in the area of undergraduate and graduate student mentoring, which is understood as a sustained partnership of mutual concern significantly fostering students’ intellectual, ethical and academic development above and beyond expectations of even excellent advising and teaching.

There should be evidence that the faculty member promoted intentional learning by the student contributing to their intellectual growth as expressed in the Characteristics of a Murray State Graduate, while creating new knowledge or development of new ideas or creative works. Mentoring on this level of engagement is a sustained partnership that is necessarily multifaceted and is enhanced by mutual respect and concern. This involvement in such educational opportunities and practices not imagined before is often a life changing experience for students and leads to fuller recognition of the students’ own potential.

UDMA Dates for 2023-24 Academic Year

  • Nomination Deadline: January 26, 2024

  • Deadline for Nominees to Submit Information: February 9, 2024

  • Award presented at Faculty Recognition Banquet: April 11 2024


Award Chair, 2023-24

Amanda Joyce, Ph.D.

Immediate Past Award Chair, 2021-22

Tracey A. Garcia McCue, Ph.D.


  • 2024 - Dr. Elizabeth Donovan, Mathematics and Statistics

  • 2023 - Dr. Miguel Gomez, Middle School Education Program

  • 2022 - Dr. Bradley Almquist, Department of Music

  • 2021 - Dr. William D. DeWees, Department of Agricultural Science

  • 2020 - Dr. Iin Handayani, Department of Agricultural Science

  • 2019 - Dr. Dan Wann, Department of Psychology

  • 2018 - Dr. Yoko Hatakeyama, Department of Global Languages

  • 2017 - Dr. Michael Flinn, Department of Biology

  • 2016 - Dr. David Pizzo, Department of History

  • 2015 - Dr. Haluk Cetin, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

  • 2014 - Dr. David Ferguson, Department of Agricultural Science

  • 2013 - Dr. Claire Fuller, Department of Biological Sciences

  • 2012 - Dr. Bommanna Loganathan, Department of Chemistry

  • 2011 - Dr. Iin Handayani, Department of Agricultural Science

  • 2010 - Dr. James Davies, Department of Equine and Animal Science

  • 2009 - Dr. K. Renee Fister, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

  • 2008 - Dr. Howard Whiteman, Department of Biological Sciences

  • 2007 - Dr. Terry Derting, Department of Biological Sciences, and Dr. Paula Waddill, Department of Psychology

2023-24 Selection Committee

  • Arthur J. Bauernfeind College of Business - Dr. Brian Perna

  • College of Education and Human Services - Dr. Donna Crouch

  • College of Humanities and Fine Arts - Dr.  Jie Wu

  • Hutson School of Agriculture - Dr. Brian Parr

  • Jones College of Science, Engineering and Technology - Dr. Michael Flinn

  • School of Nursing and Health Professions - Nancy Armstrong, RN, DNP

  • University Libraries - Megan Wilson

  • Previous Recipient Serving on Committee - Dr. Miguel Gomez


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