Cybersecurity Management MS Courses

  • CYS601 - Data Communications and Networking (3)
    A study of data communication, network infrastructure, transmission technologies, and hardware/software components that support modern business communications. Designed to provide students with the technical foundation to manage and secure contemporary data networks. (Same as CIS 601)

  • CIS603 - Project Management (3)
    Course designed to provide an in-depth understanding of key ideas, practices, issues, concepts, artifacts, practices, frameworks, and theories of project management in the context of IT, telecommunications, and cybersecurity. Special emphasis is put on understanding of how projects align with the overall strategy of an organization and how well-planned projects can help an organization achieve positive results in relation to operations, competitive advantage, and security. Corequisite: CYS 601 or permission of instructor. (Same as CIS 603.)

  • CYS615 - Information System Security (3)
    A study of modern computer, network, and information system security. This course provides an overview of security challenges and mitigation controls in the information system environment. Topics include network intrusion prevention and detection, incident response, malicious software (malware), public key encryption, message authentication, and privacy issues. (Same as CIS 615.)

  • CYS625 - Information Security Risk Management (3)
    Information security risk management is the application of risk management techniques to business information technology systems to reduce the risk, threats, and vulnerabilities. Using an industry standard risk management framework, conduct an information technology risk assessment using both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, develop risk management policies and reports, create risk management mitigation plan, and define risk management mitigation security measurements and baselining. Prerequisite: CYS 615 or permission of instructor.

  • CYS630 - Legal Issues in Information Security (3)
    Law, policy and regulation as they affect telecommunications technologies and telecommunications business strategies. Emphasis will be placed on an examination of the FCC, the Telecommunications Act of 1996, and the telecommunications business environment, including licensing, privacy, security, divestiture and antitrust.

  • CYS640 - Incident Management and Business Continuity (3)
    Incident response is an organization's response and management of a security incident such as breach, cyberattack effect. Learn intelligence collection, threat hunting, cybersecurity situational awareness, principles of forensic investigations, root cause analysis, and development and execution of policy in response to human and non-human incidents.

  • CYS645 - Information Security Program Management (3)
    Information security program management focuses on the managerial aspects of information security. Functional areas covered are governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), personnel and external relationships, program assessment and metrics, enterprise-wide information security awareness and training programs, and the processes and procedures for information systems compliance audit.

  • CYS680 - Information Security Solutions Development (3)
    An experiential learning capstone course culminating graduate course work into a Cybersecurity Management proposed solution. Students will collaborate with industry partners to review, develop, or assess information security program operation, management, projects, or governance, risk management, or compliance policies. Major emphasis in the proposed cybersecurity solution is on identifying goals, objectives and metrics, along with the ability to specify, design, operate, manage and implement a comprehensive cybersecurity program. Oral communication skills are required for presentation of proposed cybersecurity solution. Prerequisite: 18 hours of graduate work toward the M.S. in Cybersecurity Management including CYS 601, 625, 640, and 645.

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