Minor in Creative Writing

The minor is creative writing makes a useful and fun compliment to any major. Learning to communicate in effective and imaginative ways can help you excel,  regardless of your career path or professional goals. Students also have a great deal of flexibility when choosing which creative writing workshops to take and when to fit them into their schedules.  Requirements for the 21-credit hour minor include:

  • ENG 214: Intro to Creative Writing (this course also counts as a University Studies elective)
  • ENG 201: Intro to Literature (this course also counts as a University Studies course)
  • 3 of the Following Courses:
    • ENG 341: Intro to Fiction
    • ENG 342: Intro to Poetry
    • ENG 343: Special Topics in Creative Writing (this course can be repeated for credit)
    • ENG 344: Intro to Creative Nonfiction
    • ENG 408: Forms of Fiction
    • ENG 415: Writers Workshop – Fiction
    • ENG 416: Writers Workshop – Poetry
    • ENG 424: Forms of Poetry
    • ENG 560: Advanced Fiction Writing
    • ENG 561: Advanced Poetry Writing
  • 2 additional ENG courses at the 300-level or above (these can be ENG courses in creative writing, literature, philosophy, professional writing, or film)

For more information, contact Dr. Carrie Jerrell, Creative Writing Program Coordinator.


Dr. Carrie Jerrell

7B-12 Faculty Hall

Department of English & Philosophy

Murray State University

Murray, KY 42071