Cognitive Science Minor

Cognitive science is an interdisciplinary field that studies the mind and its processes drawing from the fields of psychology, computer science, linguistics, and philosophy as well as biology, mathematics, anthropology and others. The minor in cognitive science offers you the opportunity to explore the intersection of mind, brain, and thought.

Cognitive Science Minor curriculum (21 hours)

Core Courses (required)

  • CSC 101 Intro to Problem Solving Using Computers
  • PSY 180 General Psychology*
  • PHI 103 Critical Thinking or PHI 184 Logic, Language, and Truth
  • PSY 415 Physiological Psychology*
  • ENG 310 Intro to English Linguistics or PSY 326 Psychology of Language

Electives (choose 2)

  • ANT 140 Intro to Cultural Anthropology
  • ANT 325 Biological Anthropology (cross-listed with BIO 325)
  • BIO 305 Intro to Evolutionary Principles
  • BIO 528 Neurobiology
  • BIO 538 Animal Behavior
  • CSC 370 Intro to Artificial Intelligence
  • ENG 310 Intro to English Linguistics
  • MAT 460 Principles of Biomathematics (cross-listed with BIO 460)
  • MAT 506 Mathematical Modeling
  • MAT 508 Intro to Combinatorics and Graph Theory
  • MAT 528 Intro to Game Theory
  • PHI 103 Critical Thinking
  • PHI 184 Logic, Language, and Truth
  • PHI 201 Intro to Philosophy
  • PHI 202 Ethics
  • PSY 229 Social Influence
  • PSY 326 Psychology of Language
  • PSY 327 Problem-solving and Decision-making
  • PSY 405 Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • PSY 414 Learning and Memory

*Psychology majors may substitute any two electives from the list of electives in place of PSY 180 and PSY 415. Courses taken for the psychology major may not count toward the minor. At least six hours must be upper-level courses. Other relevant ANT, BIO, CSC, MAT, PHI or PSY courses may be substituted for listed courses with the approval of the department chair.

Psychology Minor

A minor in psychology is a useful complement to any field that involves significant interactions with people. The curriculum is very flexible with only one required course (PSY 180 General Psychology) and 15 additional credit hours that allow you to explore a range of areas and perspectives in psychology related to your interests and career goals.

Psychology Minor curriculum (21 hours)

PSY 180 (General Psychology) and 18 hours of PSY electives. A minimum of 12 hours must be upper-division courses (300 level or above). Six hours must be upper-level courses completed in residence at Murray State University.

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