Master of Public Administration (Online Option)

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The MPA program has been offered for over 30 years, but students now have the option of entirely completing their degree online. The Master of Public Administration degree prepares students for leadership careers in public service organizations and allows students to work at a faster pace than the traditional MPA currently offered at Murray State.

"The MPA program at Murray State provided a deep understanding of public service and the complexities surrounding public policy formation and implementation. Anyone pursuing a career within the public sector, or careers that involve interaction with the public sector, should consider the MPA program as essential. Understanding the political, social and personal motivations that drive our society have been fundamental to becoming more effective and efficient with my current occupation."

Andy RideoutHopkins County Extension Agent, Kentucky Cooperative Extension Office

Online MPA Concentrations


Economic Development

Healthcare Administration

Public and Community Health

Public Management



Accelerated option

Two half-semester terms are offered in the fall and spring semesters. Students will take two courses per half-semester term and then complete coursework by taking three courses the following summer term.

Part-time option

This program is also designed for students who are looking for an online program that has some flexibility. Students who cannot take two courses per half-semester term could take just one course per half-semester term and still finish in two years while enrolling part-time.

"Prior to entering the MPA program at Murray State University, all of my educational background was in business administration. However, the career path I had chosen led me down a path where I worked directly with governmental public agencies. Through the completion of the MPA program, I obtained the skills that have helped me move forward in my career in the public sector. The lessons I learned not only from course studies, but from the lessons gained through personal experiences of the professors gave me great insight on how to become a more effective public servant."

Amy FrogueDirector of Community Development, Pennyrile Area Development District

Course requirements

Total Course Requirements- 36 hours

Required Core Courses- 21 hours

  • POL 660-Research Methods
  • POL 670-Foundations of Public Administration
  • POL 671-Public Policy Analysis
  • POL 673-Public Budgeting and Finance
  • POL 674-Public Organizations
  • POL 681-Public Sector Human Resource Management
  • POL 688/689-Public Administration Capstone I & II


Graduate Electives- 15 hours
A student must take 15 hours of graduate electives to fulfill a specialized option or area of interest.



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