Chemistry Major with Secondary Certification*

Students desiring the Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry must take two years (four semester classes) of a foreign language. No foreign language is required for students seeking a Bachelor of Science degree; however, the study of German or Russian will be helpful to students seeking a career in research.

A total of 127-132 semester hours is required for the baccalaureate degree in Chemistry. Schedule electives to satisfy general education requirements.

Suggested Curriculum Sequence

Course Credit Hours
First Semestera 16
CHE 100 Transitions 1
CHE 201 General College Chemistry 5
EDU 103 Introduction to Educationb 3
ENG 105 Critical Reading, Writing and Inquiry 4
COM 161 Introduction to Public Speaking 3
Second Semester 16
CHE 202 General Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis 5
EDP 260 Psychology of Human Development 3
MAT 250 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I  5
Minor Course 3
Third Semester 17
CHE 305 Analytical Chemistry 5
CHE 312 Organic Chemistry I 5
EDU 303 Strategies of Teaching 3
PHY 130/131 General Physics Ic 4
Fourth Semester 16
CHE 320 Organic Chemistry II 3
PHY 132/133 General Physics IIc 4
CIV 201/202 World Civilizations I or II 3
SED 300 Education of Students with Disabilities 3
Minor Course 3
Fifth Semester 14
HUM 211 Western Humanities Traditions: Continuity 3
CHE 352 Basic Chemical Instrumentation 4
CSC 199 Introduction to Information Technologyb 3
CHE 120 Chemical Lab Safety 1
Minor Course 3
Sixth Semester 14
CHE 403 Basic Physical Chemistry 5
COM 372 Communication in the Educational Environment 3
Minor Courses 6
Seventh Semester 11
EDU 403 Structures and Foundations of Education 2
SEC 420 Practicum in Secondary School 2
EDU 405 Evaluation and Measures in Education 2
Minor Courses 6
Eighth Semester 17
SEC 421 Student Teaching in the Secondary School 14
EDU 422 Student Teaching Seminar  3

 *One minor is required for a B.A. or B.S. degree.
aElectives should be chosen to complete the requirement for a minor in another discipline. Students are encouraged to begin work on a minor by at least the sophomore year.  Schedule electives to complete the University Studies requirements and provide 1270132 semester hours for the baccalaureate degree.
bWith a grade C or better.
cStudents pursuing a Physics minor may substitute PHY 235/236 and 255/256 for PHY 130/131 and 132/133.