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Journal Publications:

  • Yang, Y., B. Tao, L. Liang, Y. Huang, C. Matocha, C.D. Lee, M. Sama, B. El Masri, W. Ren (2021). Detecting Recent Crop Phenology Dynamics in Corn and Soybean Cropping Systems of Kentucky.  Remote Sensing, 13, 1615. doi.org/10.3390/rs13091615. (pdf)

  • Ferguson, B., W.E. Lukens, B. El Masri, G.E. Stinchcomb (2020). Alluvial landform and the occurrence of paleosols in a humid-subtropical climate have an effect on long-term soil organic carbon storage. Geoderma, 371, 114388. 

  • El Masri, B., C. Schwalm, D.N. Huntzinger, J. Mao, X. Shi, C. Peng, J. Fisher, A. Jain, H. Tian, B. Poulter, A.M. Michalak (2019). Carbon and Water Use Efficiencies: A comparative analysis of ten terrestrial ecosystem models under changing climate. Scientific Reports, 9. 14680. (pdf)

  • Yang, Y., B. Tao, W. Ren, D. Zourarakis, B. El Masri, Z. Sun, and Q. Tian (2019). A Novel Approach Considering Intraclass Variability for Mapping Winter Wheat Using Multi-temporal MODIS EVI Images.  Remote Sensing, 11, 1191; doi:10.3390/rs11101191. (pdf)

  • El Masri, B., A.F. Rahman, and D.D. Dragoni (2019). Evaluating a New Algorithm for Satellite based Evapotranspiration for North American Ecosystems: Model development and Validation. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 268,243-248.

  • El Masri, B. (2017). Examining the spatial and temporal variability of soil moisture in Kentucky using remote sensing data. Biomed. Sci. & Tech. Res. (pdf)

  • El Masri, B., S. Shu, A.K. Jain (2015). Implementation of dynamic root depth and phenology into a land surface model: Evaluations of carbon, water, and energy fluxes in the high latitude ecosystems. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 211, 85-99.

  • Schwalm, C., D. Huntzinger, J. Fisher, A. Michalak, K. Bowman, P. Ciais, R. Cook, B. El-Masri, et al. (2015). Toward “optimal” integration of terrestrial biosphere models. Geophysical Research Letters, 42(11), 4418-4428.

  • Miller, P., M. Robson. B. El-Masri, R. Barman, G. Zheng, A. Jain, L. Kale (2014). Scaling the ISAM Land Surface Model through parallelization of Inter-Component data transfer. Parallel Processing (ICPP), 2014 43rd International Conference on , vol., no., pp.422,431, 9-12 Sept., doi: 10.1109/ICPP.2014.51

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  • Zscheischler, J., A.M. Michalak, C. Schwalm, M.D. Mahecha, D.N. Huntzinger, M. Reichstein, G. Bertheir, P. Ciais, B. El-Masri, et al. (2014). Impact of Large-Scale Climate Extremes on Biospheric Carbon Fluxes: An Intercomparison Based on MsTMIP Data. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, DOI: 10.1002/2014GB004826

  • De Kauwe, M.G., B.E. Medlyn, A.P. Wakler, S. Asao, M.C. Dietze, B. El-Masri, et al. (2014). Where does the carbon go? A model-data intercomparison of carbon allocation at two temperate forest free-air CO2 enrichment sites. New Phytologist, 203(3), 883-899.

  • Zaehle, S., B.E. Medlyn, M.G. De Kauwe, A.P.Walker, M.C. Dietze, T. Hickler, Y. Luo, Y.P.Wang, B. El-Masri, et al. (2014). Evaluation of eleven terrestrial carbon-nitrogen cycle models against observations from two temperate Free-Air CO2 Enrichment Studies. New Phytologist. DOI: 10.1111/nph.12697.

  • El-Masri, B., R. Barman, P. Meiyappan, Y. Song, M. Liang. A. K. Jain (2013). Carbon Dynamics in the Amazonian Basin: Integration of eddy covariance and ecophysiological data with a land surface model. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 182-183, 156-167.

  • Rahman, A.F., D. Dragoni., B. El-Masri (2011). Response of the Sundarbans coastline to sea level rise and decreased sediment flow: A remote sensing assessment. Remote Sensing of Environment. 115: 3121-3128.

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