Dr. Anthony Ortmann


Dr. Anthony Ortmann

Associate Professor
Earth and Environmental Sciences

355 Blackburn Science Building, Murray, KY 42071


  • Ph.D., Tulane University, 2007
  • M.A., Tulane University, 2004
  • B.A., Southern Illinois University, 1995

Research interests

My research interests are based primarily in North American archaeology with a geographical and temporal specialization in the prehistory of the southeastern United States. I am especially interested in the interaction of humans with their environments and the production and maintenance of cultural landscapes. I have a broad range of analytical interests with particular emphasis on the application of geoarchaeological principles, such as geophysical surveying and geomorphology, in the reconstruction of past human lifeways.


  • ARC 556/656 (EES 556/656) – Geophysical Surveying Applications in Archaeology
  • ARC 357 – Lithic Analysis
  • ARC 330 – North American Archaeology
  • ANT 329 – North American Indians
  • ARC 321 – Ancient Civilizations
  • ARC 302 – Archaeological Field Work
  • ARC 150 – Introduction to Archaeology
  • ANT 140 – Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Select Publications

  • Ortmann, Anthony L., and Caroline Schmidt, in press. Investigating the Function of an Archaic Period Earthwork Using Microartifacts. Southeastern Archaeology.
  • Spivey, S. Margaret, Tristram R. Kidder, Anthony L. Ortmann, and Lee J. Arco, 2015. Pilgrimage to Poverty Point? In The Archaeology of Events: Cultural Change and Continuity in the Pre-Columbian Southeast, edited by Zackary I. Gilmore and Jason M. Donoughue. University of Alabama Press, Tuscaloosa.
  • Ortmann, Anthony L., and Tristram R. Kidder, 2013. Building Mound A at Poverty Point: Implications for Hunter-Gatherer Social Organization. Geoarchaeology: An International Journal 28:66-86.
  • Homsey, Lara K., Anthony L. Ortmann, and Kit W. Wesler, 2012. Integrating Community Service Learning into the Murray State University Archaeology Program. Journal of Kentucky Archaeology 1(2):39-51.
  • Ortmann, Anthony L., 2010. Placing the Poverty Point Mounds in Their Temporal Context. American Antiquity 75(3):657-678.
  • Kidder, Tristram R., Anthony L. Ortmann, and E. Thurman Allen, 2004. Testing Mounds B and E at Poverty Point. Southeastern Archaeology 23(1):98-113.

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