A. Carman Pavilion Animal Health Facility

The A. Carman Pavilion AHT/Pre-Vet Medical Facility was renovated in 1985 to house the Animal Health Technology and Pre-Veterinary Medicine Program. The facility includes faculty and staff offices, classrooms, a student library, anatomy and clinical laboratories, treatment areas, radiology areas, dark room, fully-equipped surgery suite, pharmacy, and kennel areas. 
Courses offered at the Carman Pavilion include:

  • Animal Anatomy and Physiology
  • Hematology and Microbiology
  • Animal Nursing and Radiography
  • Small Animal Disease
  • Applications in Veterinary Technology
  • Veterinary Laboratory Principles

Agricultural Mechanization Farm Shop

The Hutson School of Agriculture mechanization and farm shop was constructed in 1999 and consists of 3,600 ft2of instructional and laboratory space for the Agriculture Systems Technology program.  The entire structure encompasses 7,200 ft2of space utilized for University Farm maintenance and instructional purposes. The West Farm shop portion of the facility houses of a small office, a tool room, a machinery repair facility, and a chemical containment area. The classroom laboratory is equipped with two tool cages and is used primarily to teach skills related to machinery repair, mechanics, hydraulics, and small engines.

E.B. Howton Agriculture Engineering Building

The E. B. Howton Agricultural Engineering building houses the heart of the Agriculture Systems Technology program at Murray State University.  The Howton Agricultural Engineering Building has over 7,000 square feet of space.  The facility has 3 offices, a dual-purpose lecture/electrical lab facility and a multipurpose shop.  The hands-on teaching approach allows students to utilize the concepts learned in the classroom through application in the laboratory.  The laboratory hosts a variety of tools and equipment necessary to develop skills in all aspects of the engineering and mechanized fields of agriculture.The Agriculture Systems Technology program offers a wide variety of courses including: welding, electricity, construction, engine mechanics, surveying, soil and water engineering, irrigation, grain handling and storage, and precision agriculture.

Eldon Heathcott Rodeo Barn

The Eldon Heathcott Rodeo barn is located adjacent to the Cherry Exposition Center on the Hutson School of Agriculture's West Farm Complex. This 25 stall barn was designed to accommodate the members of the Murray State Rodeo Team horses and tack. In order to board horses at the Heathcott Rodeo Barn, students must meet eligibility requirements and go through an application process. Students are responsible for all daily care of their horse and must provide their own hay and feed. The $560 per semester boarding fee includes bedding material.

Rodeo Barn Stall Application

Hugh L. Oakley Applied Science Building

The Oakley Applied Science Building houses the Hutson School of Agriculture in the South Annex.  The Hutson School of Agriculture has offices, classrooms, crop and soil labs, an online agricultural computer lab, an ITV classroom, and a student lounge within the Applied Science Building. The majority of the agriculture courses are located within the annex.  Each year, the annex welcomes agriculture students by providing a place to hold Regional FFA Contests and area meetings concerning topics in agriculture.

Mabel G. & J. Stanley Pullen Farm

Mr. Stanley Pullen was the first full-time teacher and chairman of the Agriculture Department at Murray State Normal School (now Murray State University). Mr. Pullen and his wife Mabel Pullen both taught in the field of agriculture at Murray State. Mr. Pullen passed away in 1935, but Mrs. Pullen continued to maintain her ties with the Agriculture Department.

The original farm purchased by Mr. Pullen consisted of two tracts, the first of which was purchased in the 1920's. The Pullens ran the farm and a dairy (College Crest Farm) with the help of students as employees.  Mr. Pullen built the farm which still stands on the property, but he passed away.  In her later years, Mrs. Pullen depended heavily on the Murray State Agriculture Department for the management and operation of her 44 acre farm. Upon her passing, Mrs. Pullen bequeathed the farm and most of her estate to the Murray State University Foundation for academic purposes and scholarships for the Department of Agriculture. Before the mortgage could be paid off. Mrs. Pullen began teaching in local schools to pay the mortgage on the farm. An initial cleanup took place in 1995, and in 1996 renovations began on the farm.

The Pullen Farm provides the School of Agriculture with additional space for agronomy testing and research. Students are involved in trials highlighting weed control methods, pest management practices, soil fertility, and basic crop science. In addition, the farm features a corn maze each fall semester and hosts the School of Agriculture’s annual “Fall on the Farm” event.

The Pullen Farm is also home to the Murray State Horticulture program. Horticultural facilities on the farm include three greenhouses, classroom and office spaces, and numerous flowering beds and landscape structures. Students are responsible for working in the greenhouses and also maintaining the bedding plants surrounding the facility. In 2009 the Hutson School of Agriculture began construction on an arboretum at the Pullen Farm. The Arboretum features collections of native plants trees, winding pathways, and a pavilion for hosting special events.

Murray State University Equine Center

The Equine Instructional Facility, located at the Equine Center, was funded by the Higher Educational Equine Trust and Revolving Fund. It opened its doors on October 31, 1998, and added the Murray State Equine Science departmental offices, a riding preparation area, two tack rooms, a round pen, indoor arena, and a classroom to the Center’s facilities. In 2013, an additional classroom, offices, and meeting areas were created to house the growing program.

The Murray State Equine Center is home to the Equine Science Program and the Murray State Equestrian Teams. Facilities at the Center include

  • the Equine Instructional Facility,
  • the University barn (for University horses),
  • several barns for housing student-owned horses,
  • a lighted outdoor riding arena, an outdoor dressage arena,
  • turn out lots for both student and University owned horses,
  • a wash rack,
  • and several round pens.
  • Equine Center Stall Application
  • Equestrian Team Scholarship Application

Contact the Equine Center at 2111 College Farm Road, Murray, KY, call 270.809.7030 or email msu.equine@murraystate.edu.

Equine Program

The University’s Equine Program allows students both traditional classroom learning as well as hands-on opportunities in the areas of equine health care and business management, reproduction, exercise physiology, nutrition, and an equine chiropractic specialty option. In addition, there are opportunities for students to be involved with the Intercollegiate Horse Show teams, both hunt seat and stock seat, the Rodeo Team, and the Dressage Club. All teams are involved in various competitions throughout the academic year.

Murray State Equine Program outdoor and indoor practice arenas are available for use by University students and Equestrian Team members. Stalls are available on site for students to board their horses. For additional information or to arrange for stall rental please contact us.

Murray State University West Farm Center

The Murray State University West Farm Complex is home to the University’s certified Angus herd. The herd was established in 2001 through the generosity of ranches in Missouri, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Donations included award-winning stock, embryos, and semen. This herd has become an important part of our farm and serves as a learning tool for our Animal Science and AHT/Pre-Vet programs.

In addition, the West Farm also provides space for forage and grazing studies, as well as agronomy research plots. BASF, Garst, and the University of Kentucky have partnered with Murray State to conduct seasonal research trial involving corn, soybeans, and dark-fired and air-cured tobacco. School of Agriculture students are involved in many aspects of these research trials, and have the opportunity to study, analyze, and present data that is collected.

North Farm Complex

Located on North 16th street the Murray State University North Farm facility is utilized primarily for beef cattle research. Students and faculty conduct feed studies and intensive grazing trials at this location.  The farm is also home to the University’s swine unit and equine quarantine facility.

Overseeing the daily operations of the North Farm are Mr. Matt Shultz and Mr. O.L. Robertson. To learn more about opportunities in animal science, feel free to contact to email O.L Robertson at ol.robertson@murraystate.edu

Also located on the North Farm is the University's Swine Unit.

The Arboretum @ Murray State University

The Arboretum at Murray State University

William "Bill" Cherry Agricultural Exposition Center

William "Bill" Cherry Agricultural Exposition Center


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