Murray State Payment Plan Information

Eligibility and Enrolling

Murray State University is proud to be able to offer a payment plan to students for payment of their university bill. This payment plan makes it convenient to make monthly payments to the University, interest-free, over the course of the semester. They also make payments easy to manage by allowing students to enroll in automatic payments.

  • Any student with a balance greater than $200 is eligible to enroll in a the payment plan.
  • Students are required to enroll or RE-ENROLL in the payment plan every semester if they wish to make payments on their account each month.
  • Even if the student has had a payment plan in the past, they will be required to set up a new payment plan each semester if they want to continue in the program.
  • Students are assessed a $30 enrollment fee when the payment plan is activated, but there are no additional charges to the student account unless a payment is made late.
  • Payments are considered "late" when the payment is made five (5) days after the posted payment due date.
  • At the time of "late payment", 0.65% of the remaining balance will be charged as a late fee.

Murray State University Payment Plan (MSUPP) advantages

  • Spread your payments out over a period of months, instead of paying in one large lump sum.
  • Setup automatic payments using a credit card or electronic check (First time ACH users should allow four business days for account verification. You will receive an e-mail confirmation and be advised to return to the eBill website to submit payment).
  • Receive real time email notifications if your Murray State Payment Plan is recalculated due to account changes reflected on your student bill.

Payment Plan Options

At the beginning of each semester, students will be offered a payment plan based on a four (4) pay system. The total cost of tuition, meal plan, housing, etc. NOT COVERED BY FINANCIAL AID, GRANTS, SCHOLARSHIPS OR OTHERWISE PAID will be broken down into four (4) equal payments, with one payment being due each month (August, September, October and November for fall semesters; January, February, March and April for spring; and a SUMMER payment plan with payments due in May, June and July).

Financial aid requested later in the semester, or scholarships/other payments that apply after the deadline will cause the payment plan to recalculate and may also reduce the amount of future payments—or cancel the plan by paying the balance in full. Students are never penalized for paying off the payment plan early and can make payments any time during the semester (as long as the total amount due for the month is paid in full by the due date).

How to enroll in a Murray State Payment Plan

Enrolling in a Murray State University Payment Plan is fast, easy, and safe. Simply:

  1. Log onto the student myGate system
  2. Click on your MONEY TAB
  3. Follow the MY ACCOUNT link
  4. Once you've entered the billing website, select the PAYMENT PLAN tab, or link across the top of the page
  5. Select the available plan and agree to all terms and conditions.

Once you've selected your payment plan, you can choose (but are not required to select) a "saved payment" method - and have the amount of the monthly payment automatically debited from your credit card, checking/savings account, or debit card. You can also choose to sign back onto the system each month and complete the process manually by NOT electing to save a payment method.

If you have trouble setting up your payment plan, or have questions - please contact the Bursar's Office at 270.809.4227.

Frequently Asked Questions:

My Financial Aid award came in, is my payment plan automatically canceled?

Any additional payments to your account, including Financial Aid, will automatically adjust your future payment plan. If your Financial Aid award exceeds your balance due, there will be NO future payments necessary as long as no additional charges are incurred. Be sure to check your CURRENT CHARGES section of the billing website to verify the the entire amount is covered.

I have received an eBill from Murray State - I am paying my bills by payment plan, should I disregard the bill?

No. You should first CHECK YOUR CURRENT STATEMENT ONLINE to see if any payments have been credited to your account. If you see no credited payments, you should then contact the Bursar's Office at 270.809.4227 or via email at

I would like to make payment plan arrangements. What should I do?

Review the information above in the Enrolling in a Murray State Payment Plan section or if you're still experiencing difficulties or need further assistance, please contact the Bursar's Office at 270.809.4227 or by email at

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