Fraternity Recruitment Registration Form

If you would like to register for Fraternity Recruitment, please fill out this form.

IFC Recruitment registration is now open. 

The regular $25 registration fee has been waived for the Spring 2021 semester!

Eligibility Requirements:

First Semester Freshmen: 2.7 high school cumulative GPA OR 19 ACT Composite
Upperclassmen (12 or more credits earned): 2.5 cumulative GPA

Grade Authorization: By submitting this form, you provide authorization to the Director of Student Life & the Curris Center and the Coordinator of Greek Life & Student Leadership Programs at Murray State University to receive a portion of your educational record, specifically, selected transcript information, for the purpose of determining your eligibility for Fraternity Recruitment.

For more information contact the Office of Greek Life.

You may fill out the form below or visit the Google Form page.

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