Being a part of an educational institution, the Campus Recreation Office works hard to encourage and reinforce basic standards of sportsmanship, cooperation, and respect for others. Clearly, sporting contests are important, but the importance should not be so overriding that players lose sight of appropriate behavior.

The playing field is not a venue for physical or verbal abuse for the players, officials, or spectators. In order to encourage proper conduct before, during and after a scheduled contest officials, supervisors, and administrative personnel, will make decisions on whether to warn, penalize or eject players, teams and / or fans for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Participants, coaches, and spectators that chose to participate in unsportsmanlike conduct directed towards an opponent, staff personnel, or official, may be ejected from that contest or future contests.

Officials or staff personnel of the Campus Recreation Office may administer the ejection. An ejection may occur before, during or after a game.

Examples of unsportsmanlike behavior include, but are not limited to: excessive swearing, two technical fouls, flagrant actions towards an opponent, staff personnel, or officials, trash talking, inciting a fight, or fighting.

Any individual ejected from a contest, as a result of unsportsmanlike conduct automatically suspends them from all competition until reinstated.

To be reinstated, the participant must schedule a meeting with the Director of Campus Recreation before their next scheduled game.

Failure to make arrangements for a meeting will result in the participant forfeiting his / her rights to compete in any further contests.

Sportsmanship rating guidelines available in handbook.

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