Safety Policies

Assumption of Risk

Participants must understand that physical activities contain an element of danger including serious injury. Participation in all activities is on a voluntary basis at the individuals own risk. All participants are strongly encouraged to undergo a physical examination and consult with a physician in regard to appropriate activities for fitness level. Murray State University does not carry medical coverage for participants in the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center.


  • If an injury occurs, please contact a member of the facility staff immediately.

  • If you are bleeding prior to an activity, or begin to bleed during any activity, stop the bleeding and cover the injured area with a bandage before returning to the activity. First-aid kits are available at the reception desk and the pool. Please inform a staff member if blood is on equipment or other facility surfaces.

  • The university and its staff are not responsible for injuries. All participants are financially responsible for all expenses related to injuries and emergency care, including medical care, ambulance and other expenses. Medical insurance is strongly recommended for all participants.

Emergency Procedures

  • In the event of a fire or other emergency, alarms will sound throughout the facility. Please exit the building using the nearest exit.

  • In the event of a tornado siren or announcement of approaching tornado, all members in the facility should immediately proceed to one of the two locker rooms located adjacent to the selectorized machine area on the east side of the basketball courts.

  • In the event of a power outage, the use of equipment will not be allowed.

  • Do not attempt to use elevators in an emergency situation. Exit through the nearest available exit.

  • Please contact the reception desk or staff member in case of an injury.

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