If your course is already taught as a face-to-face course, you can indicate that the course will be online when scheduling occurs. If it is a new course, contact your department to check about the process of adding a new course.

Unlike traditional face-to-face courses, there is no minimum enrollment required in order for a class to be offered. Maximum enrollments will be set by the department/college. Contact your department’s administrative assistant for help scheduling or changing your online course.

Administrative Assistants

For all online courses, the Center for Adult and Regional Education forms must be used. Click on the forms below to follow the link to Murray State's Support Site. 

When completing scheduling forms for online courses, put "TBA" in Day and Time section unless the instructor plans on having required online meetings. Under Compensation amount, indicate "RAO Payment." Insert a note if the department plans contribute their own money to guarantee the instructor receives a higher amount than they will be paid by the RAO web payment. It is important to indicate if the instructor will be teaching the course as part of their regular inload (no pay) or as an overload or adjunct (will receive pay). Center for Adult and Regional Education will process all Personnel Action Forms (PAs) and Extra Compensation forms for online instructors Please contact Lisa Schmidt ( or 270.809.2159) for more information.

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