German Langague and Culture

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German Language and Culture

Expand your mind and your global view. Complement any professional field with a language certificate, and make yourself more marketable in your career. More than 95 million people speak German, and students with foreign language knowledge are some of the highest-paid liberal arts graduates. Plus, study abroad opportunities abound. So what are you waiting for? Study German to give yourself an edge in any field. Note that all incoming students enrolling in a foreign language class with prior experience in that language will be required to take a placement exam to determine the level they should begin and credit earned for those with prior language experience.

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Whether you're a beginner or a native German speaker, we welcome you to join the International Cultures and Languages Association (ICALA) or Alpha Mu Gamma, which is the National Honors Society for foreign languages. Both are offered through Murray State’s department of global languages and theatre arts.

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