Master in Watershed Science - Non-Thesis Track

Course Requirements

Core Classes

  • BIO/GSC 642: Watershed Ecology (3 hours)
  • BIO 696: Understanding Scientific Communication (2 hours)
  • CHE 613: Environmental Chemistry (3 hours)
  • GSC 665: Physical/Chemical Limnology (3 hours)
  • WSC 690: Seminar (1 hour)
  • BIO 669: Biological Limnology (3 hours)
  • CHE 665: Biogeochemistry (3 hours)
  • GSC 662: Hydrogeology (3 hours)

Total Course Requirements: 21 hours

Graduate Requirements

Graduate courses in related fields (15 hrs, as determined by the advisory committee; at least eleven hours must be at the 600 level).

Total Course Requirements: 36 hours

Other Degree Requirements

  • Successful completion of MAT 665: Applied Statistics I.
  • Written comprehensive examination in broad aspects of watershed science (usually taken in 3rd semester of residence).
  • Literature review on some aspect of watershed science, developed in collaboration with the faculty advisor. Successful written and oral presentation of the review counts as WSC 690.

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