Chemical Services Laboratory

The Chemical Services Laboratory is equipped with state-of-the art instrumentation enabling high-quality instruction in environmental analytical chemistry at both the baccalaureate and graduate levels. The CSL also provides a number of analytical and environmental services to individuals, corporations, and other institutions in west Kentucky, the greater Ohio Valley region and beyond in fulfillment of the WSI regional economic service role.

Hancock Biological Station

The Hancock Biological Station, a year-round facility located on the shores of Kentucky Lake approximately 15 miles from Murray State's main campus, provides both field and laboratory support for WSI activities. Facilities exist for examining the nutrient, ion, and organic content of water along with full capabilities for biological sampling-including isotopic analysis of primary and secondary productivity. Facilities are available for the teaching/research component of WSI activity and for use by visiting scientists.

Mapping Applications and Resource Center

Mapping Applications and Resource Center is equipped to analyze Landsat TM data and function as the "clearing house" for all WSI data for Kentucky Lake. Monitoring and satellite data are archived within the geographic information system for Kentucky Lake (KLGIS) via state-of the-art computational facilities. Large storage capacity and rapid processing supports the development of water quality models and other projects related to reservoirs and their basins.

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