Facilities Management

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department for Facilities Management is to utilize available funding, resources and personnel to effectively and efficiently operate and maintain all campus buildings, grounds, infrastructure and fleet and to plan, design and construct all new campus facility improvements with the goal of fostering a learning environment that supports the university's mission.

Work Order System

Enter a work order request through the AiM System

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Gaining access to the AiM system

If you do not have access to the AiM system, please click on "Request This Service" on the form link below.

Fill out an On-Line Requester form

 Please contact Randall Winchester at 270.809.3913, or e-mail rwinchester1@murraystate.edu if you have any questions.

Emergency requests and other ways to submit work orders

For emergency or routine service during normal working hours (7:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.),  call 207.809.4291. You may also submit work orders in person or writing. Facilities Management is located at 615 Gilbert Graves Drive, Murray, KY 42071.

 For requests after normal work hours (4:00 p.m.- 7:00 a.m.), on weekends or holidays, call the Murray State Police Department at 270.809.2222.