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The Building Services Division provides custodial services to the main campus educational and general buildings on a scheduled basis. A program of custodial care is provided to each building based on need and funding available. Special custodial services are provided as required for general operations and on a reimbursement basis for special events.

Custodial services for auxiliary services are provided by personnel assigned to these units. This division provides the labor crew for moving services and setups for special events or other general labor support. These services must be requested and scheduled in advance and are provided on a reimbursable basis except for general support to the educational and general programs. A Request for Service Form is available at the Department for Facilities Management for major projects. Small projects or work orders may be requested by telephone or fax. Faculty and staff are encouraged to report custodial needs identified on campus as they occur. Requests for emergency or routine service will be received at the Department for Facilities Management during normal working hours (7 a.m. to 4 p.m.) by telephone, in person or in writing. The telephone number is 270.809.4291. Facilities Management is located behind the General Services Building on Chestnut Street. Work orders can be faxed to the department. The fax number is 270.809.6270.

After normal working hours (4 p.m. to 7 a.m.), on weekends or holidays, requests for emergency service only, will be received at the Murray State Police Department at 270.809.2222. Security relays the message to the Shift Supervisor at the Central Heating and Cooling Plant. The Shift Supervisor will determine the nature of the emergency and react appropriately based on Emergency Policies of the Department for Facilities Management.


The Building Services Divisions consists of more than 75 employees. Building Service Technicians are assigned to a specified team within the division.

Floor Care

Most of the University buildings are on a floor buffing or cleaning rotation so that the resilient flooring (i.e. tile, terrazzo) is buffed with a propane or electric burnisher once per week or once every two weeks depending on traffic. A similar process is used for the carpeted floors. Our floor care technicians follow a rotation schedule so that the carpeted floors are cleaned with a carpet extractor or a shampoo floor machine on a regular basis. Gym floors are resurfaced on an annual basis through a rotation process.

Summer Clean Up

Building service technicians (BSTs) thoroughly clean more than 30 campus buildings during the summer months in which the majority of the student body is absent from Murray State. This includes ceilings, walls and floors of all the academic buildings located on campus. In addition, stripping and waxing the floors; cleaning the carpets; and washing all door frames, desks, and chairs . The moving of desks, filing cabinets and other furniture may also be necessary in order to clean behind and underneath them. Light bulbs are changed and the light covers are cleaned. Blinds and windows are washed inside and outside. Showers, screens, vents, and all waste cans are also cleaned.

Special Events

Building Service Technicians are required at most sports games and large special events.

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