Facilities Management

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department for Facilities Management is to utilize available funding, resources and personnel to effectively and efficiently operate and maintain all campus buildings, grounds, infrastructure and fleet and to plan, design and construct all new campus facility improvements with the goal of fostering a learning environment that supports the university's mission.

Work Order System (AiM)

Emergency requests and other ways to submit work orders

For emergency or routine service during normal working hours (7 a.m.–4 p.m.), call 270.809.4291. You may also submit work orders in person or writing. Facilities Management is located at 615 Gilbert Graves Drive, Murray, KY 42071.

For requests a after normal work hours (4 p.m.- 7 a.m.), on weekends or holidays, call the Murray State Police Department at 270.809.2222.

Service and Maintenance

Service – a service request is defined as anything outside the scope of repair or necessity of buildings or properties.

  • Any modifications or renovation improvements
  • Painting outside normal maintenance cycle
  • New carpeting/flooring
  • Moving/installing/assembling furniture
  • Key/Lock change request
  • Event setup (use Event Request Form here)

Maintenance (or repair) – a maintenance request is defined as anything required for day to day upkeep of buildings or properties.

  • Plumbing issues
  • Electrical issues
  • Mechanical issues
  • Carpentry issues related to necessary repairs
  • Preventative maintenance


If any service/maintenance request(s) exceeds $500.00, these requests are defined as projects and will require departmental approval and a formal project request form to initiate work. Facilities Management will review each project request and determine a quote and receive approval from the department requesting the project prior to starting any work. Fill out a Renovation Project Request Form for upcoming projects. This form must be submitted before any estimates can be generated.

For more information or questions about an upcoming project, please contact Facilities Management at 270.809.4169.

Project Management Fee

The Department of Facilities Management provides project management services to all projects that require costs estimates, design work and either in-house or contracted services to complete.   A project set-up and project management fees will be used to offset general fund budget for existing deferred maintenance.  These fees do not accrue to the Department of Facilities Management but rather the general fund for deferred maintenance purposes only and serve as a reimbursement for in-house project management services.

A PM fee will be assessed based on the tiers below:

  • Project costs <$1,000,000: 4.5% fee
  • Project costs $1,000,000 - $5,000,000: 2% fee
  • Project costs over $5,000,000: 1% fee


  1. Project costing $75,000
    Fee = $3,375
  2. Project costing $1,200,000
    Fee = $49,000
    ($1,000,000 at 4.5% = $45,000 + $200,000 at 2% = $4,000)
  3. Project costing $5,200,000
    Fee = $127,000
    ($1,000,000 at 4.5% = $45,000 + $4,000,000 at 2% = $80,000 + $200,000 at 1% =  $2,000)

Download complete Project Management Fee information (PDF)

Shop Rates per hour

Shop Regular Rate Overtime Rate
Central Plant $18.00 $27.00
Carpentry $18.00 $27.00
Mover $14.00 $21.00
Painter $18.00 $27.00
Electrical $18.00 $27.00
HVAC $18.00 $27.00
Locksmith $18.00 $27.00
Plumbing $18.00 $27.00

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